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7 Documents to Take With You When Moving Instead of Packing

Posted in Moving on Sep 21, 2015, tagged with moving tips

When you're getting ready to move, most people are focused on getting everything packed into boxes or bags so that they can be easily loaded onto the moving truck. While the vast majority of your belongings will need to be packed, some things should be set aside to take with you in your personal vehicle. This includes some very important documents that you may need along the way.

Creating a simple folder or envelope to hold these documents before you move can help you to avoid problems and stay organized at the same time. Here are seven of the most important documents you will want to keep with you during your move.

1. Identification

In addition to your driver’s license (especially if you're renting a truck and driving yourself), you will want to have a form of identification for everyone who is traveling with you, including children. Depending on everyone's age, this can be anything from a birth certificate to a government-issued ID card.

2. Medical insurance cards

If anyone is injured or needs medical attention during or after the move, you will need your medical insurance cards right away. Having them packed and easily accessible will help avoid any wasted time searching through dozens of boxes.

3. Passports

If you’re on an international move, you’ll need to have your passports with you. Each member of the family will need to show their passport whenever crossing a border, so keep them close to ensure you have them when needed.

4. Title

If you recently bought a new home and are moving in, you should keep the title and other proof of ownership documentation with you. Chances are, the new neighbors won’t recognize you; so if there are any questions, these documents can help avoid problems.

5. Orders

If you are in the military or you are a civilian contractor for the military and are moving for the job, make sure you keep your orders with you at all times throughout the relocation.

6. Rental documents

If you’re moving into an apartment or rental home, make sure you have the documents with you showing that you can move in, such as your signed lease or tenant's insurance paperwork. This is especially important if you arrive prior to the moving truck—it will make it easier to get in and start getting settled. These documents also help if there’s a security guard that wasn’t expecting you.

7. Moving agreement

If you hire a professional moving service, make sure you keep the moving agreement and bill of lading with you at all times. While the vast majority of moves go smoothly, it is always best to have the official agreement available should a problem arise. You’ll also want the box and item list that you sent them before hand to make sure everything matches up.

Always be prepared

Ultimately, you want to make sure you have any document that you might need during your move accessible at all times. If an important piece of paperwork is packed away in your moving truck, it will be difficult or impossible to access on short notice. With a little planning, however, you can be sure to have your essential documents available when you need them. 

What other documents should you keep handy during your move?