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The Best Timing Tips for Buying & Selling a House

Posted in Moving on Nov 12, 2014, tagged with buying and selling your home

You may not think home buying has a season, or perhaps you just haven’t given it much thought, but buying and selling a home at the right time can save or even make you money. So, how do you know when the best time to buy or sell is? We did some research to help you figure out when is the most advantageous time to buy and sell your home, and answer some questions you might have:

1. When is the best month of the year to make an offer on a house?

We found that the best time of the year to make an offer on a home is in January. At the end of the holiday season, bank accounts are low and credit card bills are high, so sellers are not getting as many offers. Not to mention, most people don’t want to move when it is cold, snowy, and wet outside. For many, January is a time of financial insecurity, so most sellers are willing to take lower offers to help get them out of debt.

2. Is there a best day of the month to make an offer on a house?

Yes, the first Tuesday of the month. Most homeowners just wrote a mortgage check for the house and they are thinking that they do not want to write another check at the beginning of the next month.

3. What is the best time of the year to sell a house?

Spring is the best time for your house to sell. The weather is warm, people are filling their bank accounts with their tax refund checks, and for those families with children, a spring sale means they can move during the summer when their kids aren’t in school.

4. What is the best day of the week to list your house?

Thursday is the best day to list your house because it will then be available for weekend showings—the best day of the week to show your house is on a Saturday because more people are able to attend.

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Whether you’re buying, or selling, or both, timing is everything. Do what’s best for your wallet and try to:

  • Buy in the winter
  • Sell in the spring
  • Make an offer on the first Tuesday
  • List on a Thursday

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