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How to Make Your New ‘House’ into Your ‘Home’

Posted in Moving on Nov 19, 2014, tagged with how to, moving tips

Moving into a new house is an exhilarating experience. Maybe you’ve finally gotten that master bathroom you’ve been waiting for, the quartz countertops you’ve been coveting, or the extra space for a home office. Plus, all of the hardest parts of the move are over—you’ve bought the house, packed up your stuff, arranged the movers, and you’re finally getting to the best part: making the space yours.

A new house is a blank canvas, full of potential, but it can feel kind of strange at first, like it isn’t yours yet. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make your house feel more like a home:

1. Renovate

If you know you want to make them and you’re able to swing it, the most convenient time to make any major changes you need to make to the house is before you’ve moved all your furniture and belongings in—redoing the floors, renovating the bathrooms or kitchen, repainting the walls, or upgrading lighting fixtures before you unpack will mean you don’t have to pack up your belongings and move them around again after you’ve settled in.

3. Set up your internet and cable

Make sure that your provider is scheduled to turn on or come and set your internet and cable on move in day. Being able to listen to music or have a show on in the background will make the cleaning and unpacking process a lot more fun, and break time more relaxing.  

2. Clean from top to bottom

You can hire a professional cleaner to take care of this before you move in, or if you want to save some money, then you can do a deep clean on your own and get rid of the scents left behind by the previous tenants, not to mention their germs. Getting it done before you unpack everything helps ensure you get all the areas that are too inconvenient to clean otherwise:

  • Wipe down the walls, fixtures, and cupboards
  • Scrub down or run cleaning cycles on appliances that came with the home
  • Vacuum and wash the floors, doors, and woodwork
  • Steam the carpets
  • Clear out the cobwebs
  • Clean the toilets, sinks, and showers—you may want to replace the toilet seats and shower curtains

A fresh, clean house is a great way to start making yourself feel at home.

4. Unpack and decorate

Now that your house is cleaned and renovated, you can take on the most fun aspect of a new place, and the thing that will make it feel most like a home—unpacking and decorating. Make your mark on this new house by:

  • Creating a new furniture layout
  • Adding blankets and throw pillows
  • Laying down area rugs
  • Getting indoor plants
  • Decorating the mantel or stair rail
  • Hanging artwork
  • Displaying family photos
  • Showcasing awards and trophies
  • Setting up knick-knacks, collectibles, and tchotchkes
  • Organizing your bookshelves
  • Filling it with a new scent using diffusers, candles or incense—just remember not to leave anything burning unattended


While it may still take a little while for the space to feel lived in and like it’s really yours, you’ll have your new house feeling more like your home if you:

  • Renovate it to suit your needs
  • Set up your internet and cable
  • Give it a good cleaning
  • Unpack and decorate

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