How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

Posted in Moving on Sep 29, 2014, tagged with how to, moving costs

You tip your servers and your taxi drivers, but should you tip your movers? If so, how much should you tip?

Throughout the service industry, tipping is a common way for customers to express their thanks for a job well done. Moving is expensive enough without factoring in gratuities for your moving company, and while tipping your movers is not required, it is the best way for you to express your satisfaction (or dissatisfication) with the service provided. After all, there are few people in the service industry who work as hard as movers, or who have as much at stake. 

Should you tip your movers?

For the most part, yes—you should tip your movers, especially if they go exceed your expectations, such as:

  • Getting your move done quicker than originally estimate.
  • Moving especially large, heavy, or fragile items with exceptional care.
  • Managing complicated situations like narrow doorways, long carries, and stairwells.

If you do tip your movers, proper etiquette is to tip each mover individually, rather than the foreman or supervisor.

There is absolutely no need to tip a mover that did not perform up to your standards. If your mover has a bad attitude, tracks mud through your home and doesn’t say sorry or offer to clean it up, breaks an item, or refuses to take something up the stairs because "it isn’t in the contract", that may be a reason to not tip.

How much should you tip?

The amount you should tip your mover depends on how well they do their job. Start with about 5% of your total bill, or about $20 per mover, and if your movers go above and beyond, consider tipping them a little more. 

If you don't have cash to spare but want to show your movers that you appreciate their effort, food and drink are a great option. Depending on the length of your move, anything from snacks and a cup of coffee or glass or water to a proper lunch are excellent alternatives to cash. 


Tipping your movers is the best way for you to show your appreciation for a job well done—and a hard job, to boot. Your tip should be dependent on how well you feel your movers performed, but a good general rule is to start at about 5% of your total bil, or $20 per mover.

Make sure you can tip your movers by factoring gratuities into your moving budget.