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How to Wrap a Couch for Moving

Posted in Moving on May 28, 2014, tagged with furniture, how to, moving tips

Couches are one of the hardest pieces of furniture to move because of their bulk and weight. Of course, you could simply pick it up (with help of course!) and move it out of your house and onto a truck…but should you? The answer is no, unless you are okay with the risk of unpacking a dirty couch, or worse—tearing, permanently staining, or otherwise damaging the upholstery. If you're moving long distance, the chances of your damage to your couch are much higher. 

Taking the time to properly pack your couch by wrapping it in protective materials before you load it onto the truck can save you a lot of hassle when you move into our new place, not to mention the cost of replacing a couch that didn't survive the trip. Wrapping a couch helps protect the upholstery from all sorts of damage, including rips and tears, water damage, pollen and dirt from the moving truck, and other unseen stains. 

3 Ways to Wrap your Couch

These are the three most common ways to wrap and pack a couch for moving:

1. Use a couch cover

Looking for convenience and ease? Purchase a couch cover. Couch covers are inexpensive and easy to use, and are ideal for local or short distance moves. While they don't offer as much protection against tears, they will keep your sofa safe from dust, dirt, and spills. 

Plastic couch covers are not recommended for leather. If you're moving long distance and shipping your couch to your new home, you may wish to wrap it in blankets first. Plastic covers can trap in air and moisture, which can encourage mould growth, especially in warmer climates.

2. Use blankets and tape 

Wrap the couch in one of your heavy duty blankets, an old comforter, or moving blankets. Be sure to wrap around the corners, legs, and back of the couch. Once it is completely covered, use duct tape (or another strong tape) to hold the blanket in place.

This method is recommended for longer moves. Blankets will provide the most protection against rips and tears, but they may not protect your couch from stains. 

3. Use blankets, shrink wrap, and pillows

First take the shrink wrap (which can be purchased online from U-Haul or in a local U-Haul store) and start at the bottom wrapping the legs then wrap the corners. Stack blankets and pillows on the seat of your couch—this will protect your cushions from damage. Next, wrap blankets around the couch, taking care to wrap the corners, legs, and back of the couch. Tape them together to hold them in place, then wrap the blankets in shrink wrap to keep out moisture and dirt.

This method offers the most protection against all forms of damage, and is best if you're shipping your couch separately, or are moving long distance. 


Whether you're moving across town or across the country, wrapping your couch before you load it into your moving truck will protect it from damage such as rips and tears, stains, and dirt. You have three options for wrapping your couch:

  1. Couch cover
  2. Blankets and tape
  3. Pillows, blankets, tape, and shrink wrap

Moving long distance? Ship your couch with TSI and we'll take care of all the packing.