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7 Ways to Remember Your Old Home when Moving

Posted in Moving on Jul 09, 2014, tagged with moving tips

If you’re moving to a new, bigger, and better house, a part of you may feel sad to say good bye to the old one, especially if you're moving to a new state or even across the country. After all, you might be saying goodbye to the scene for some of your biggest milestones—your first house, the place where your kids grew up, or the site of many happy family get-togethers. It’s also very common for young kids to experience moving as a loss, and react with sadness, anger, and anxiety. If you or your child is having a hard time letting go of your old home and embracing your new one, here are some ways to make the transition easier. 

1. Do a walk-thru

Switch your phone's camera to video mode and do a walk-thru of your home. As you walk through each space, tell stories about good memories. Don't be afraid to get your kids involved!

2. Take pictures

Take pictures of each room in your home before you start packing it up, so all the furniture and knick knacks you and your kids have come to love are still in their homes. If there's a particular feature of your house that you or your kids love, like a stunning fireplace or a favorite tree, make sure you snap a photo with you or them next to it. You could even hire a professional photographer to come and snap some high-quality pics of your home, or even aerial shots. 

3. Journal about it

You don't have to be a great writer to journal about your feelings. Journalling, or even blogging, can help you and your kids work through your feelings, and remember what you love most about your home. If you've never journalled before, it can be hard to get started. These prompts can help:

  • What is your favorite memory from yoru house?
  • What is your favorite room, and why?
  • Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
  • What don't you like about the house?

Take your journal with you, and pull it out whenever you're feeling nostalgic for your old home.

4. 3D print a model of your home

Thanks to 3D printers, you can even have a small model of your home printed to take along with you. 

5. Take a keepsake with you

If you've marked your kids' growth on a doorframe, don't leave it behind. You'll have to replace it before you move, but it can be worth the extra effort to take this treasured memento along with you to your new home.

6. Have a party

Throw a going-away party and celebrate your new chapter with your friends, family, and neighbors. Host a party for your kids as well so they have a chance to say goodbye.

7. Say goodbye

Just as you say goodbye to your loved ones, say goodbye to your beloved home. Before you shut the door that one last time, take a look around and remember all the memories you made in your home. 


No matter how excited you are to move to your new home, saying goodbye to your old one can be stressful and emotional, especially for kids. These methods can help you remember your old home:

  • Do a walk-thru, and film it
  • Take pictures
  • Journal about your home
  • Bring a treasured keepsake with you
  • Throw a going away party

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