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The Two Most Important Rooms to Unpack

Posted in Moving on Feb 16, 2015, tagged with family, moving tips

Moving requires a whole lot of packing and unpacking. In today’s blog we want to focus on the unpacking. Unpacking can be done in many ways – most websites and blogs will tell you to do one room at a time or start with the essentials. We want to provide you with a different way to unpack that works. 

There are two top rooms to start with – your kids room and the kitchen. If you do not have children than you know exactly where to start unpacking, the kitchen. If you have children, these are one in the same. Starting with the kids room helps make your child feel at home and comfortable. Ask them how they want to decorate and let them help. Get their curtains hung, beds made and clothes in their closets. Make sure that all of their favorite toys are available and their favorite stuffed animal or blankie for sleeping. Also, for the older child, set up their electronics – Nintendo DS, Wii, iPads, etc. This will keep the children entertained and happy while you and other family/friends unpack the rest of the house. The very next important room to unpack is the kitchen. Start by giving the kitchen a good cleaning. A little Mr. Clean or vinegar and water are two excellent cleaning solutions that you can use. Wipe out the cabinets and pantry and let them dry completely before putting anything inside of them. Wipe down the outside of the cabinets as well. Clean out the refrigerator. Clean the inside of the stove and microwave. And of course give the sink an extra good clean – SOS pads are great for kitchen sinks. Next, start with the most important items; these will vary with each household. These items could be the coffee maker, the microwave, the toaster oven, the pots and pans, etc. Whatever kitchen items you use on a daily basis, find them and put them out. Then, unload all of the food and go to the grocery store. This will save you money from doing take out every night – obviously the first night of your move you should plan on investing in take out, it is much easier. If you do not have time to unload the full kitchen, pick up some plastic ware at the store to hold you over until you get to your plates, bowls, cups and silverware. Otherwise, unload these items next. 

TSI Tip – Think about where you want everything to go (which items in which cabinet) before you unload so you do not need to do this twice. And put items in prime locations. This means, for example, your coffee mugs should go in the cabinet above where you plan to put the coffee maker; your hot plates and gloves should go in a drawer next to the stove; and Tupperware should be put on a low cabinet (this is great for parents with kids who might get into the cabinet). And lastly, if there are items in your kitchen or kids rooms that do not have a place yet, put them in storage (the basement, garage and/or closet). Do not try to force everything in your new home. If you haven’t used your martini glasses in years, don’t try to put them in your kitchen just yet. Or if your kids have too many hats, keep them in a suitcase, label it and put it in storage for now. No need to try to force everything. These are our top places to unpack first when you’re moving - if you have a different idea, share it with us, here or on our Facebook page – we would love to hear from you!