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Charitable Drive to Assist Children in Roatán

Posted in News on Jul 24, 2014, tagged with tsi news

Transit Systems is proud to say we were able to help a charitable group in New York City deliver much-needed supplies to Roatán. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Just a two hour trip from Miami - 75% of the people live in poverty; many don't have electricity or running water.

Roatán is the largest of the "Bay Islands" - nestled in between two other islands called Guanaja and Útila. This is a small area that is popular for snorkeling and features lush tropical resorts for vacationers. Aside from the tourism in Roatán, the school system and educational culture is incredibly poor. Less than 30% of the children complete primary school. Even though the area is surrounded by water, there are no public pools or swim programs to teach kids to swim, a skill every resident here needs to have. A group of member families of the NYC Elite Gym gathered their resources to purchase a large amount of school supplies and everyday items in short supply to the Honduras, and made plans to travel there and help the children. Morgan from NYC Elite said "we went to Honduras to teach the children gymnastics and swimming and distribute school supplies, books, clothing, toiletries and other much need supplies. Each of families of the children that come to our gym donated various products to be taken down there." 

Morgan had already made shipping arrangements from Miami, FL to Roatán, but needed help in shipping the supplies from New York to Miami. Transit Systems was able to discount the cost of the freight shipping for the pallets of these goods and deliver them to Miami, where a regional shipper would take the supplies on the final journey to Roatán. Even though we played a small role in this whole process, we were happy we could help be a part of something meaningful. Kudos to the people of NYC Elite Gym for their generosity and efforts to take an idea to give and turn it into a reality. Without giving people like this, the people of Roatán Honduras would not have had received any of the much-needed school supplies or swimming lessons. Below are some pictures taken from Roatán, where you can see the boxes of goods that were shipped, and the children in need who would ultimately benefit.