Charitable Shipment of Shoes to Kids in Need

Posted in News on Mar 02, 2015, tagged with tsi news

"Volunteers do not have the necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." - Elizabeth Andrew

Mission Trip to Native American Reservation

A local Chester County youth group did a week-long mission trip last summer at a Native American Reservation in remote Manderson, South Dakota. Moved by the extreme need in this community, especially among the children of the school where the youth worked, one of the members of the group and his family responded to the need for warm footwear this winter by holding a boot drive. There are 150 kids at this Native American school and it turned out they all needed warm footwear. Boots (mostly new) came streaming in from schoolmates, community members, friends, family, and most of all the home church where the youth group are members.

Amazingly enough, 150 pairs of boots were collected in total, filling 10 boxes.

Shipping Shoes to Children in Need

The family thought collecting the boots would be the tough part. But it turned out that was easy compared to finding affordable shipping. The traditional consumer shipping options were prohibitively expensive for this family, so they reached out to Transit Systems, a long-distance moving and shipping company. Two excellent sales representatives from Transit Systems – Natalie and Kim – helped this family by walking them through the steps necessary to get their boxes shipped, providing an affordable, reliable shipping option. Throughout the shipment, Kim kept the family informed of the status, updating them about arrival date and time. “Kim was tremendously helpful in communicating with me regarding a shipment that was delivered to needy kids in a remote part of the country. She took the time to help me and actually took an interest in the mission I was undertaking.” All the boxes arrived in excellent condition and on time. It is a comfort for the family and all who contributed to know that these children who walk to school in the snow every day now have warm feet. 

Transit Systems is always willing to help with charity shipments. Call us today at 1-800-626-1257.