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TSI Helps Church Send Hurricane Relief Supplies

Posted in News on Dec 11, 2012, tagged with tsi news

With all of the big news coverage surrounding Hurricane Sandy, it was nice to see local citizens and community organizations go the extra mile to help those in need. One of the smaller stories of people helping people is about a church organization sending relief supplies to those in affected areas. I'm sure we've all heard about a church that was active in raising funds to help people who were displaced by the big storm,.. but what about those who did a little more?

Transit Systems was contacted by one of these church organizations that was doing just that, a little more. St. Mark Catholic School in North Carolina wanted to send St. Mary Catholic Church in New Jersey a large amount of hurricane relief supplies, and TSI was able to make it happen fast. Timing was an important factor here, so we wanted to get the relief goods to the destination as fast as possible, and we wanted to make sure the costs were kept low. Transit Systems worked with our resources to find the most economical way to ship the much-needed supplies between these two church organizations, and we're really happy we did. While this was less of a charitable shipment than some of the other shipments we've been involved with, our interest was to help others who were trying to help those in need.

Mission Accomplished!