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8 Tips to Make Packing & Moving Furniture Easy

Posted in Packing on May 26, 2015, tagged with furniture, how to, moving tips, preparing for your move

Moving is exciting! You get to live in a new place, discover new local shops and restaurants, as well as make new friends with your neighbors. Sure, packing isn’t fun, but by planning ahead, you can turn a task into a treat and get to your new home in a breeze. Here are 8 tips to help make moving furniture to your new home easy:

1. Dimensions

Knowing the dimensions of each piece of large furniture, any transport vehicles, and the passageways in both buildings is vital to an easy move. The dimensions of your goods will determine the cost of shipping (since many carriers rely on space not just weight), as well as if it can fit through the doorways, windows, hallways and staircases/elevators at your old and new home. It will also impact whether an item can fit in the car or truck you’re using for your move.

If you're planning to hire movers, ask yourself these three questions with each piece of large furniture when getting your moving quote:

  1. Will it fit through a doorway, in the elevator, and the hallways and staircases?
  2. Can you disassemble it further, cut and repair it, or do you need to sell or toss it?
  3. Will it fit in the car or truck you plan to use for your move?

By knowing the dimensions of the furniture, vehicle and passageways in both buildings you can put a plan in place and help make moving furniture a breeze!  

2. Secure & store loose parts

When you're disassembling your furniture, secure and store small components like screws in sealed and labelled plastic bags. It can also be helpful to create a checklist of parts while you’re disassembling a piece of furniture, then place the checklist in a bag or box that is clearly labeled with which piece of furniture the parts belong to. That way, you'll have a list of what belongs to which piece and you'll know if you’re missing pieces or not as you put your furniture back together. You can also place the boxes or bags of parts inside a piece inside a drawer to help prevent them from getting mixed up with other furniture.

PACKING TIP: Secure sliding drawers and swinging doors by wrapping shrink wrap around moving blankets to help prevent them from flying open. If there are glass doors, add padding and bubble wrap for added protection. 

3. Protect legs & protrusions

One of the most common things that get damaged during a move are the legs of your furniture. They stick out and can easily get stuck at corners in hallways, doors, and other tricky turns, causing you to push or shove and break them. Not lifting them high enough while trying to slide your furniture onto a truck can also cause them to snap off.

The best way to protect the legs of your furniture is to remove them. If you can't remove them, wrap them securely in moving blankets and shrink wrap, and take care to remind your helpers or moving pros that there are legs and to watch out for them. If you really want extra protection, place the furniture in a flat bottomed crate so that the crate takes the brunt of the damage and the legs stay away from hazards.

4. Disassemble everything

Almost all furniture can be taken apart. While not all furniture needs to be completely disassembled, the further disassembled your furniture pieces are, the lighter and smaller each individual piece becomes, which will make it easier to properly wrap, protect, and move.

PACKING TIP: Label every piece you remove and create a checklist so you don’t lose, mix up, or combine components of similar pieces.

5. Padding is your friend

Padding your furniture may be an obvious step for shipping some pieces such as antiques or mirrors, but any furniture left unpadded can wreak havoc that you might not expect. Hard furniture made out of metal or hardwood are the most common source of damage and other moving problems. Many movers assume since they are solid and sturdy, these pieces can weather the damage. In some cases this may be true, but that doesn’t protect your other more fragile furniture if your stuff shifts in transit. Using edge protectors on the corners of your furniture and wrapping these pieces with moving blankets and shrink wrap can help to prevent damage to your other furniture.

PACKING TIP: If you're using packing straps, fasten the padding tightly enough to secure it around your furniture, but not too tight—this can cause damage, unstabilize the edge protectors, and do more harm than good.

6. Protect the floor

Placing a safe, secure and durable material like cardboard or wood planks on your floor can help prevent scratches, dings and damage to hardwood when moving furniture. For carpeted floors, you may want to use carpet film or furniture slides to help prevent tears.

7. Insurance

Whether or not you are moving or shipping high-value items, you don’t want to have to buy or replace things that get damaged while you move. Accidents happen and you cannot control other drivers on the road—sudden stops, accidents, and even loading and unloading your furniture can cause damage. If you want the security of knowing that everything is covered in the event of damage, invest in moving insurance. Each policy is unique and your moving company can help you find one that is right for your individual needs.

8. Restrain properly

Using straps to secure each piece of your furniture to the vehicle can help to prevent movement and shifting in transit, which will protect your other furniture, boxes and valuables during transport. If you leave large pieces unsecured, they could not only damage themselves, but everything around them.


By following the simple guidelines above, you can help to make moving your furniture easy.

  • Make sure you have a plan to fit all pieces through passageways.
  • Safely and securely pack all pieces.
  • Restrain larger items in your moving vehicle to prevent damage to your belongings.

Once you’ve done these simple things, you may find that your move becomes easier so you can celebrate sooner and welcome everyone to your new home! Better yet, save yourself the hassle and get a professional to help with your move.

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