How to Safely Pack & Ship a Sleeper Sofa

Posted in Packing on May 18, 2015, tagged with furniture, how to

Sleeper sofas or sofa beds are an amazing piece of living room furniture that provide the ultimate in functionality. While you may enjoy their practicality every other day of the year, this functionality can be a tricky obstacle when you are ready to pack and ship your sofa. The size of your sofa bed, all the moving pieces, and the other attributes that make this such a useful piece of furniture are also what can create problems when shipping living room furniture, so if you're getting ready to move or ship your sleeper sofa by yourself, follow our quick and easy guide to help ensure that your sleeper sofa arrives safe and secure.

Follow these 5 easy steps to properly pack and prepare your sleeper sofa for shipping before you move:

1. Disassemble your sofa

The first step in preparing your sleeper sofa for a move is to disassemble the parts completely. Remove cushions and feet. Wrap cushions separately in plastic bags, and wrap feet in towels, bubble wrap, or packing paper to help prevent damage to any surfaces during transport.. Label each part so you know where it belongs when you reassemble your sofa bed later on. 

BONUS TIP: Make sure you do not let the tape stick to the wood—it may cause damage. 

You may also need to remove the mattress and pack it separately in order to lessen the weight of the sofa and make it easier to transport. Talk to your shipping partner or moving company to find out what's easier for them. 

2. Secure sleeper

Once the individual components of your sleeper sofa have been wrapped, your next step is to secure the sleeper part of the couch. Because sleeper sofas are designed with moving parts, you'll need to make sure to properly secure these parts to avoid shifting or unfolding during the moving process.

  • After you remove the mattress, fold the bed frame back into place. Tie the mechanism together using twine. 
  • Fasten two moving straps around the entire sofa on either end
  • Fasten two more around the bed of the sofa to ensure that the bed cannot unfold or shift out of the locked position during shipment.

3. Wrap your sofa

Wrap your entire sofa in moving blankets, taking care to ensure corners are covered. Secure the blankets in place with packing tape, then wrap in shrink wrap to prevent moisture from damaging your sofa. Secure the shrink wrap with additional packing tape. 

PACKING TIP: You'll need 4-5 moving blankets to wrap your entire sofa. 

If sleeper sofa is made of soft or plush fabric or leather, you need to be extra cautious to ensure that it doesn't rip, tear or scratch during the shipping and moving process. Use cardboard corner protectors to protect the edges and corners, which are particularly vulnerable to damage. If your sofa is made of high-quality materials like these, it may be valued at a higher price. In these cases, it is often recommended that you purchase additional shipping insurance to cover the cost of any damage your sleeper sofa might incur.

4. Box or crate your sofa

Depending on how you are planning on shipping your furniture, you may need to box or crate your sleeper sofa.

  • Boxes are ideal for mid-quality or older sleeper sofas.
  • Crates offer more protection than boxes, but they are more expensive. If you are shipping an extra-large sleeper sofa or a high-value one, crating it may be well worth the effort and cost.

5. Move!

With your sleeper sofa disassembled, wrapped, and boxed, it's ready to ship to across the country, across town, or simply down the street. Before your shipping or moving team arrives, be sure to clear a path in and out of your house so it's easy to maneuver 

How to Move a Sleeper Sofa: Conclusion

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