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Why You Should Use Moving Boxes & Not Grocery Store Boxes

Posted in Packing on Sep 18, 2015, tagged with packing materials

Boxes are a part of moving just like water is needed for swimming. There’s no way around it. Your first reaction might be to head to a grocery store; but you’ll learn fast that this is a huge mistake! Grocery store boxes are not the same as moving boxes. They’re made to store and transport product then be discarded or recycled. They don’t have the durability, protective layers or quality that a real moving box needs to have. If you’re on the border between buying moving boxes or simply going to the store and asking for some, read this post first!


The moving boxes you buy from a moving company are brand new and have never been used before. This means they are very clean and do not contain stains or remnants that can attract vermin or damage your belongings. Even if grocery boxes look and smell clean at first, the odors or stain causing spills could be trapped in the cardboard just waiting to slip into your belongings. You could also end up with an unwanted stowaway hiding in the folds since the box was probably in a food storage warehouse. You also have to remember that boxes from grocery stores may have to be pulled from a recycling area or the trash, both of which are quite dirty.

Strength in the Right Places

Moving boxes are made strong and durable in the areas where it's needed most. If you buy boxes for heavy objects, the bottom of the box needs to hold the additional weight. If you choose a wardrobe box, the upper area where hangers are placed may be reinforced. With grocery store boxes it is very hard to tell what they can really hold or even if they have already been damaged, which puts your belongings at risk. You don’t want to pack your dishware, glasses and other breakable items only to have the bottom fall out and everything shatter.

Standard Sizes

When you buy moving boxes they will all be the same size. This can make packing them into a truck much easier and more efficient. On the other hand, if you use boxes from the grocery store you will find that they are all different shapes and sizes.

Specific Uses

There are several types of moving boxes, each with a specific use. Wardrobe boxes, for example, can help keep your clothes clean, protected and wrinkle free during the move. Moving boxes for dishes will hold all your kitchenware safely to avoid anything breaking along the way. Tall lamp boxes can hold a lamp securely throughout the trip. Since each type of box was made to hold specific types of items, they will be kept safer than the generic boxes you might find at a grocery store.

They’re blank

One of the other benefits of using moving boxes instead of free ones from the grocery store is that they’re blank. You can label them and add notes to direct movers or on where to place your items. This saves a lot of time when you’re ready to unpack and want to know where everything goes. These are only a few of the reasons you should buy moving boxes from a reputable moving company or supplier instead of going for the free ones at a grocery store. If you have any questions about which moving boxes to use, or if you want a good store, call us at 800-626-1257 and we’ll help you find the boxes that meet your needs as well as moving quotes that fit your budget! You can also click here for your free quote.