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11 Reasons to Make Philly Your Next Home

Posted in Blog on Jun 12, 2015, tagged with city guides, infographic

Philadelphia is the original home of the United States. The city of "Brotherly Love" features treasured American history from the Declaration of Independence to Cheesesteaks and Soda, the Liberty Bell and much more!

Want to know why you should make Philly your next home? Here are 11 selling points!

1. Americana– Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States. Home to the famous Liberty Bell as well as both the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution; you can't get more Americana than the original capital (Fun Fact- Philly was home to congress before it moved to D.C. in 1800).

2. The Arts– Home to over 15 4-year universities, 6 of the nation's top art schools are located in Philadelphia! This includes the University of the Arts, which is one of our nation’s oldest universities, and The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill (This is America's first school to offer career training in fine dining). With undergrad and graduate level programs in Media Arts, Fashion and Traditional Art and specialized programs in Culinary Arts, Philadelphia is one of the best places to be for artists of all kinds.

3. Children's Care– Ranked #1 three times in a row, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is the best in the nation for childcare. Home to CHOP as well as St. Christopher's Hospital and the DuPont Hospital for Children (which are also ranked Top 100 nationwide), your children will always have access to the best there is in healthcare.

4. Adult Healthcare– It's not just the children that get top rated health care in Philly. Home to the nation's first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital and the Perelman School of Medicine (ranked #4 nationally for best medical schools) you can ensure that there is a specialist close by in your new city in case anything ever goes wrong.

5. Museums Galore!– Want to impress a date with culture and class? Philly features the Please Touch Museum for children and the Academy of Natural Sciences. You can even find local museums dedicated to several important historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, whose statues and tributes can be found throughout the city.

6. Food– Ever heard of a cheesesteak, or a soft pretzel? How about a soft drink? Yeah, Philly invented those. In addition to the best sandwiches and snack food on the planet, Philadelphia is home to many spectacular restaurants and cuisines from across the globe. Have a cheesesteak at Pat's Steaks, the inventor of the cheesesteak, some five star French food at Fond, or some sardines at the American Sardine Bar! Also with the second highest Italian population in the country after New York, you will be sure to find some of the best Italian food you've ever had! (Check out the famous Italian Market if you're more of the DIY type).

7. BYOB– Speaking of DIY, Philadelphia is known for it's popular BYOB culture. Over 200 restaurants in Philly allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages without charging a corkage fee!

8. Location, Location, Location– Looking for more? Within two hours from Philly, you could be at a Broadway show in NYC, the capital building in Washington D.C., with your kids watching dolphins at the Baltimore aquarium or even in the famous wine country in Virginia. This gives you plenty of options for weekend vacations and short trips no matter how you like to relax. Philly is also surrounded by countless national parks including Independence Hall where George Washington was appointed and Valley Forge National Historic Park (the military camp for the Revolutionary War).

9. Jobs!– Philadelphia has a strong and vibrant job market. Coming in at #9 for the strongest job market in the country (by Bloomberg). Whether you're looking for work, or looking to hire, Philly is a great place to be.

10. Cost of Living– Philadelphia is within a percent of the national average for cost of living. When you consider that it's one of the largest cities in the US, you get everything you could want from an urban lifestyle but at a price you normally only find in the suburbs. Even rent prices in Philly can be up to 40% less than the national average, making it a real bargain!

11. Youse Guys Like Rocky?– Philly is home to the classic and iconic movie series Rocky. While many may deny the stereotype, Rocky Balboa is definitely a prominent character associated with the hard-as-nails attitude that so many natives exude.

If you need a new job, want a change in scenery or just want to devour a Philly Cheesesteak and run up the art museum stairs like Rocky every day of the week, then, Philly should be your next home. If you’re ready to move and need some help, contact us for a free moving quote and we’ll get you on your way!