7 Ways to Save When Planning a Cross Country Move

Posted in Blog on Aug 11, 2015, tagged with moving costs, moving tips

Moving across country is exciting! You get to experience new foods, people and a different culture. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Try using these 7 tips to help save you money so you have something extra to celebrate finishing your move!

Get Good Boxes to Protect and Not Have to Replace

Investing in high quality boxes is a great way to help you to keep your things safe so you don’t have to replace them later. If your movers don’t provide you with them, ask them for specific brands and what strength to buy. Cheaper is not always better! Cardboard comes in many thicknesses and strengths. If you’re moving heavy objects like books, canned goods or statues, you’ll need a heavy duty strength. If you have breakable items that are expensive, the cost to replace them may be a lot more than the extra few dollars for a high quality and heavy duty cardboard box.

Fill Empty Spaces

Fill in empty spaces like dresser drawers or trunks. Just make sure you don’t overstuff or cause damage to the items. This can help you save two ways with your move:

1. If you’re moving yourself, you may be able to rent a smaller truck.

2. If you have a moving company, many charge by cubic feet as well as weight. By reducing the cubic feet you take up, your cost to move may decrease as well.

Break Down Items Yourself

By breaking down large furniture, exercise equipment and even taking the legs off of tables, you can reduce the amount of work your movers will spend breaking them apart. This helps to reduce the labor hours you’ll pay to the moving company. Just make sure you keep all parts in labeled bags and with the actual furniture pieces so that reassembly doesn’t become a nightmare.

Get Rid of Belongings Ahead of Time

Although we all like to hang onto memories, moving is the perfect way to help get rid of those “treasures” you’ve let sit in the garage for the last few years. Finding them is always fun, but letting them find new homes by having a yard sale can decrease your moving costs while also raising money for you to buy new favorite items for your new home. eBay, yard sales and online classified sites are all great ways to sell these abandoned products. Just make sure not to let strangers into your home to pick them up; that is never safe.

Buy Moving Insurance

While this may not seem like a way to save money, buying moving insurance can be a great investment in the long run. It is very inexpensive and in the event that something gets damaged during the move, it can end up saving you thousands of dollars. It’s always one of those things you wish you had done.

Take an Inventory of Your Items

While you are packing your belongings up, make sure you take a detailed inventory of everything you have. By writing it all down by room, category and taking photos of it all, making a claim for anything missing if you need to contact your moving insurance company becomes a lot easier. It seems like a lot of work, but snapping a photo and making a list when you already have to pack it only takes a few seconds and can save you hours on the phone later.

Flexible Moving Days

You can often save money by being flexible with which day the move takes place. Moving companies are often very busy on the weekends, so you might be able to get a discount by having your move take place on a Tuesday. See if you can save by having the pickup and drop off days be during the week instead of a regular work day. Now that you have some tips to save money with cross country and local moves, call us at 800-626-1257 or click here to get a great quote that meets your individual needs.