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8 Reasons You'll Love Living in San Diego

Posted in Blog on Jun 19, 2015, tagged with city guides

From incredible weather to spectacular beaches, the world's largest zoo and ethnic cuisine; Here are top 8 reasons you'll love living in San Diego why more than 3 million people call it home!

Below are the top 8 reasons you'll love living in San Diego!

1. Weather

With an average daily temperature of 70.5º and 266 days of sunshine each year, San Diego has arguably some of the best weather in the nation. The semi-arid climate next to the Pacific Ocean make for one of the most comfortable and beautiful places anyone could live.

2. Craft Brew Capital of the Country

Commonly referred to as the "Craft Beer Capital of America", San Diego is home to more than 100 craft breweries making it one of the best cities in the nation to enjoy a cold one. As the birthplace of the Double IPA and home to the infamous Stone Brewing Co., San Diego is a top prospect to move to for beer enthusiasts!

3. Balboa Park & Beaches

San Diego is home to some of the most photographed and filmed destinations in the nation such as the truly unique Coronado bridge and the coves at La Jolla. Ranked by some as the #1 beach in the US, San Diego's Coronado Beach is one of the finest in the country. In addition to its many beautiful beaches, San Diego is home to many famous scenic destinations. The 1,200 acre Balboa Park features vast lush gardens along with 15 different museums, several preforming arts centers and countless street exhibits and restaurants. A park to truly get lost in!

4. San Diego Zoo

Also located in Balboa Park is the world famous San Diego Zoo. Pioneers of the open-air, cage-less exhibits, the San Diego Zoo has the largest zoological research effort worldwide. It is also the largest zoo in the world with over 3,700 animals from more than 650 species. This makes it a true bucket list destination for any animal lover. Visitors enjoy the largest bird cage and the world's largest koala population outside of Australia!

5. Mexican Food

San Diego has many top choices for dining. You can enjoy George's by the Cove with priceless ocean views and Island Prime with incredible steaks that rival the Midwest. However, many San Diegans will tell you the truly sought after cuisine in California's southern-most city is Mexican food. This is a foodie destination within the US for classic Mexican cuisine from the top rated establishments such as El Indio or Mexican infusion restaurants such as the famous Oscar's Mexican Seafood.

6. Weekends in Hawaii

When you live in one of the most desirable cities in the country, where do you vacation? Hawaii of course! Being the closest city from the continental US, flights direct from San Diego to Hawaii are relatively affordable compared to flights from other parts of the country. Mexico is even closer since it borders San Diego, making getaways to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo extremely accessible and affordable!

7. Music

What do Blink 182, Stone Temple Piolets, Jason Mraz, and Pin back all have in common? They're all from San Diego! Although not as commonly known for its music scene as some other prominent cities, San Diego is still a great place for aspiring artists and concert goers alike. Enjoy a relaxing show on the water at Humphrey's by the Bay, or channel your inner 80's and hit up The Casbah. San Diego has live entertainment for all tastes. Up and coming artists will feel right at home as well with local venues such as Brick by Brick and Soma to get their Showtime in!

8. Vibrant Economy

With the recent economic crash in the US, many cities have suffered in the recession. While not immune to the damages, San Diego has made a reported full recovery from the recession according to National University. San Diego has large tech sector presence with industry giants such as Qualcomm that make for an abundance of positions for those in the tech industry. San Diego is a dearly beloved place for all that call it home, and many that don't. No matter what your reasons for home relocation may be, San Diego is a fantastic place to live!