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Ten Scenic Selfie Stops on Your Cross Country Move

Posted in Blog on Aug 25, 2015, tagged with city guides, moving tips

If you’ve got a cross-country move coming up, you might be dreading the thought of having to drive thousands of miles to get to your new home. Rather than seeing it as a long and boring drive, why not turn it into a trip you’ll never forget? Armed with a map or GPS and your smartphone, you can turn your cross-country trip into an opportunity to make memories and create envious friends across your favorite social networks.

Here are 10 “selfie-worthy” stops to help get you started on your move. 1. Monte Sana State Park (Alabama) – Not too far off the highway you can discover a state park like none you’ve ever seen. With incredible tree lined and wildlife-filled paths, Monte State Park is a must-see for the nature, but also to enjoy the fresh mineral springs. This has been a health-obsessed tourist destination since the 1800’s.

2. Horseshoe of the Colorado River (Arizona) – In a unique creation of nature, the Colorado River travels around a large rock formation in a horseshoe shape. There are many scenic areas from which you can take breathtaking pictures that make a fun guessing game for friends on Facebook.

3. Minnehaha Falls (Minnesota) – This area has several beautiful waterfalls to view. If you love gorgeous scenery that almost looks fake, this is the perfect selfie spot that will make your friends and followers “fall”-over at the beauty.

4. Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana) – This is one of the largest and best-known plantations in the south. It has tree-lined paths, an open estate to walk through and many other beautiful sites to see. The Oak Alley Plantation is amazing for almost everyone. TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Days of Our Lives have been filmed here and you can find a detailed history of this US historic landmark, both the good and bad.

5. Glacier National Park (Montana) – This well-known park has large mountain peaks, beautiful lakes and much more. You can stop by for a quick selfie or stay to enjoy the sites for an entire day.

6. The Wild Basin (Texas) – This is a natural lake with a very wide waterfall flowing right into it. If you have a water proof case, sitting under the rocks will give you a unique view for a breathtaking selfie to post to Twitter or Instagram.

7. Fonthill Castle (Pennsylvania) – If you like history and architecture, you’ll love this old castle. Over 100 years old with 44 rooms and over 200 windows, it is a must-see for Americana lovers. Fonthill Castle is open to the public and contains many historical artifacts including tablets, built in furniture etc., giving you multiple options for awesome selfies.

8. Upper Mississippi River – While any part of the Mississippi is going to be impressive and give you plenty of options for selfie’s, the upper area is perhaps the best. Depending on where you are, you can often just pull off the road and get some great pictures of it’s natural beauty and enormous size within minutes, making this river an ideal ‘selfie pit stop.’

9. Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)– Getting a selfie with these iconic presidents in the background is great, but there are a variety of other beautiful places to take pictures in the area. You’ll want to dedicate at least a couple hours to explore the area around the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. By posing in the right place and using the right filters on Instagram, you may even be able to make your self look like you’re part of the mountain!

10. Salem Massachusetts – If there’s one spooky place filled with a not so pleasant time in US history, it’s Salem Massachusetts. Now a popular tourist destination, especially at Halloween, photos in front of the witch house or in some of the iconic places provide plenty of options for portrait styled selfies.

The US is never short of the perfect spots for selfies. Think of famous cities, places with funny names or national landmarks. Then once your trip is complete, put all of the shots together in an album and you’ll have a fun vacation to remember instead of a long and boring car ride to your new home. Make your trip more enjoyable by letting TSI take care of shipping your belongings cross country. Give us a call at 800-626-1257 or click here for a free quote.