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TSI Helps Santa Deliver to Lakota Sioux Reservation for Christmas

Posted in Blog on Dec 19, 2014, tagged with tsi news

Transit Systems is happy to say we helped to make Christmas happen for the children living in Eagle Butte, SD. The credit in all this really goes to a few other people and an organization that has dedicated their time, money, and efforts to helping those who are less fortunate. This should really serve as praise for them, TSI only helped finish what others started.

Let’s talk more about how good people went out of their way to put some smiles on the faces of deserving young people. When you hear of a few good citizens "Making a difference" - this is what they're talking about! We were contacted about a charitable shipment by Dotsi Campbell, who is a member of The Charles Town Baptist Church mission group in West Virginia. Dotsi says this about Transit Systems “your organization gave feet and hands to our prayers.” She went on to explain that her group “had prayed for leadership to impact families whose children are attending a non-public school completely funded by private sector donations. In this area, the local educational system lacks quality. The people are living 100% below the poverty index, and Christmas gifts were low on the list of necessities." One of the group’s goals was to purchase gifts for some children on the Eagle Butte, South Dakota Lakota Sioux Reservation. In our humble opinion - This care and consideration is what humanity and giving is all about. The group realized after the gifts were purchased, wrapped and packed that the cost of shipping of these wrapped gifts was going to make it impossible to get the packages to Eagle Butte, SD. 

We had promised the children that Santa was coming to Eagle Butte, SD this year! So once again we prayed for the Lord to lead us to persons who could guide us on the most cost effective and efficient to get ‘Santa’ to these precious children. Your organization was an answer to our prayers. Dotsi – if you’re reading this – we feel that you and your organization at the Charles Town Baptist Church are the reason for the season!

About the Windswept Academy – Located at the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation

The Windswept Academy is a private, non-denominational Christian school, dedicated to providing students from the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation with a Christ-centered, quality, academic education in a Biblically directed learning environment. The mission is to prepare students for leadership and Christian service in their community and the world. Transit Systems played a very small part in help Santa delivers the goods. For our involvement in this, we worked with our carriers to lower the costs and helped organize the shipment from West Virginia to South Dakota. We’d like to thank Dotsi and everyone else at the Charles Town Baptist Church for taking the initiative here. We were happy that this opportunity presented itself and that we were able to be a part of something good, to participate in a meaningful way. To learn more about the Windswept Academy, Click Here. You can also donate to this school via, which we encourage you to do. The Charles Town Baptist Church’s motto is “We keep things simple here...We believe that we are called to reach, teach, love, and serve for the sake of the Kingdom of God.” I believe they are succeeding in their service and outreach to others. Learn more about them at