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17 Things You Won’t Believe Were Shipped!

Posted in Shipping on Apr 21, 2015, tagged with freight shipping, infographic

From children to chickens, scorpions to songs, and even diamonds and drones, here are 17 things you won’t believe have been shipped.

1. Children

After the parcel post was introduced to the USPS in 1913, people began to put their children in the mail to transport them for less than a dollar! At least no one complained about the crying!

2. Exploding Whales

In 2004 a sperm whale beached and died in Taiwan. While a truck transported the creature to be studied, gasses had built up inside. During transport through a large city, the whale blew up covering the town in guts, gore and grossness. It’s a story even Captain Ahab couldn’t enjoy.

3. Bricks

An entire buildings worth of bricks was once shipped through the post office to the building location of a new bank. Back then it made “cents”!

4. Drone

A $350,000 government drone arrived on the doorstep of a college student in Massachusetts on accident. That’s one techie surprise to send your spirits “flying”.

5. Chickens

Live chickens are still legal to mail to this very day!

6. Scorpions

So are scorpions! That’s one deadly prank.

7. Dogs

Well, they weren’t actually IN the mail, but dogs used to carry the mail!

8. The Hope Diamond

One of the world’s largest and most famous precious stones was once shipped in a plain brown envelope. This parcel service of choice for Harry Winston and this $200 million gem was the USPS. Imagine the insurance on that one!

9. Songs

Although the tradition mostly died off in the 70s, singing telegrams were once a real service offered by companies like Western Union. Not only would your message be delivered, but sang in barbershop quartet style.

10. Glitter

Want to get back at someone? Why not ship them glitter? It’s the passive prank that keeps showing up, year after year after year!

11. Bodies

Not everyone dies in their hometown—some people get one last trip!

12. Cash

During a large postal experiment, cash without an envelope was successfully delivered without being stolen.

13. Pizza

I’m not talking delivery, or Digiorno—you can actually have uncooked pizza shipped to your door ready to bake from numerous stores like Lou Malnatis and Mineo’s Pizza. (Trust me, they’re delicious!)

14. Free mail

After Abbie Hoffman’s book Steal This Book was published in the seventies, hundreds began mailing letters with the delivery address in the return field for free delivery. The postal service has since changed their policy.

15. Protest

No one likes junk mail, but some people go to the extreme to exact revenge on the companies that mail it out. Several people have come up with schemes for mailing back heavy and expensive to ship items in the prepaid return envelopes sent by mail spammers.

16. A cat

Before cats made history on the internet, they made history in the mail! A cat was one of the first “things” included in the package delivered through the first pneumatic tube.

17. Bugs

You can have ladybugs, butterflies and more shipped overnight from Amazon, or even Worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Talk about having a “pesky” postal service!

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