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Fact or Fiction: 5 Myths about Air Freight Shipping

Posted in Shipping on Jul 06, 2016, tagged with freight shipping

Are you planning a small, long-distance move? You might want to consider air freight shipping. If you're not familiar with it, this option is typically the choice of customers needing to move something quickly or those shipping large crates containing fragile or valuable items. Let's learn more about some of the myths surrounding air freight shipping and find out if they are fact or fiction: 

Myth 1 - Anything Can Be Shipped by Air

Fiction. Because the size of the plane dictates its weight and size requirements, some items (such as large pieces of furniture) may be too large and/or too heavy to ship by air. Plus, many types of cargo are prohibited because they pose a threat to people and property—these include explosives, gases, flammable products, and toxic and biochemical items.

Myth 2 - Valuable Items Should Be Shipped Only by Air

Fiction. While air shipping can be safer due to the high level of security at airports, shipping of valuable items is more an issue of insurance than the method of shipping. 

Myth 3 - The Heavier the Item, the More Expensive to Ship

Fiction. Size is more of a consideration than weight when it comes to shipping by air. Why? Airplanes tend to “cube out” before they “weigh out,” which means that larger-but-lighter-weight crates may cost more to ship than smaller, heavier packages. If you plan to ship by air, be sure to pack your items in the smallest possible package.

Myth 4 - Items Shipped by Air Will Not Be Opened

Fiction. Your crate may or may not be opened and inspected, but you cannot assume that someone will not be checking your contents. How does this affect your decision about whether to ship by air? If you choose air freight shipping, it’s important to use a carrier that can provide a packing crate with a high-quality cushioning system; this helps ensure that items are replaced safely and securely after inspection.

Myth 5 - Air Shipping Is the Only Way to Meet Your Deadline

Once again, this is fiction. Air shipping is often the fastest option available, but bad weather can ground planes and shut down airports for hours or even days. Truck shipments can encounter weather delays as well, but ground delays are typically shorter in duration than air delays.