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Simple and straightforward pallet shipping

When you’re shipping a pallet, you want to know it will reach its destination safely and on time. Our 27 years in the industry have given us the experience to ship your pallets quickly and damage-free. TSI specializes in shipping palletized items across long distances - our freight services span the entire continental United States, and our international shipping network covers Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Why use pallet shipping services?

Pallet shipping can be used for both residential and commercial shipments of:

  • Valuable and fragile items, such as clocks, artwork, or engines. Palletizing these items keeps items safer.
  • More than 15 boxes. Palletizing boxes keeps your entire shipment together and decreases the chances of losing something.

If you have 15 or more boxes to ship, TSI will help you palletize your shipment. If you need a custom crate for large or especially fragile items like grandfather clocks, we can help you with that too.


Customizable pallet shipping

When you ship a pallet with TSI, your shipping plan is customized to fit your budget and schedule. We offer expedited delivery to over 200 cities nationwide, so we can get your pallet where it needs to go on your schedule.


Prepare for shipping a pallet

Unless you select White Glove service, you will be responsible for preparing your pallet for shipment. Here’s how to prepare your pallet:

  • Pack individual boxes tightly and ensure empty spaces are filled with packing materials like bubble wrap to prevent shifting. Tape boxes securely, including all seams and corners.

  • Stack boxes carefully and evenly, keeping heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes near the top. Distribute weight evenly, both within boxes and on the pallet.

  • Add a layer of flat cardboard between rows to add extra cushioning and security.

  • Protect corners with cardboard corner guards.

  • Shrink wrap the entire pallet tightly. Wrap the pallet 3-5 times in high-quality shrink wrap, including the top. Twist the wrap for added strength.

  • Secure your boxes in place on the pallet using a nylon strap.

White Glove and Economy pallet shipping

White Glove service is best for those who need professional help palletizing their goods, or for those who need indoor pickup and delivery. Professional movers will prepare your pallet for transport and load it onto the truck, as well as properly cushion your cargo to reduce vibrations and ensure it arrives intact. On delivery, simply tell our movers where you want your pallet, and they will provide indoor delivery.

Economy service is perfect if you’ve already palletized your items and can help load and unload the truck. Your pallet will be unloaded curbside once it reaches its destination, ready for you to unpack. On a tight schedule? Ask about our Economy Select and Economy Plus packages.  

Why choose TSI for pallet shipping?

Reputable carriers
We only work with established carriers that have proved they provide great service. Don’t worry - your pallet shipment is safe with us.

Comprehensive network
Take advantage of our partnerships with carriers located all over the nation and overseas. If you need a pallet shipped somewhere, we can help.

Expert planning
Our logistics professionals will work with your timeframe and budget to customize a pallet shipping plan that meets your needs.

Insurance included
Move or ship your pallet with peace of mind. In the unlikely event of damage, your shipping rate includes federally mandated insurance. We also offer additional insurance for a low fee based on your specific shipment.

See what other people think of us.

Telephone sales rep was very helpful both utilizing live chat as well as phone call follow up and managing expectations throughout the process from start to finish. Furniture was delivered on time and the guys were great and extremely helpful in moving items where new furniture was to be located. Thank you for the seamless work.

- Todd S.

TSI Provides a Quality Shipping Service

TSI was absolutely outstanding for my cross country, small move. They were thorough, professional, courteous, and incredibly responsive. Only one plate was broken in the move (and I packed everything, so that was my responsibility). All boxes and one bundle were delivered on time and in excellent condition. I highly recommend TSI.

- Veronica

TSI is Incredibly Responsive

I was shipping some antique family furniture from my Mother's house in Baton Rouge after she passed away over to my house in Colorado Springs. I could not be more happy and pleased that everything arrived in the same condition as they were when picked up. Both the pickup and delivery people were very nice and accommodating; placing the furniture right where I needed it.

- Delisa N.

Excellent Service For Antiques

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