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Rugs are bulky, heavy, and inconvenient to move. If you need to move your area rug, tapestries, or antique rugs long distance, we can simplify the process and make it easy and affordable. When you ship your rug with TSI, you only pay for the amount of space your rug takes up on the truck. That means you’ll save money, and since your rug will share truck space with other items traveling in the same direction, it also means that your shipment will have a lower carbon footprint.

Customized rug shipping services that work for you

We are not a one-size-fits-all rug shipping company. We’ll help you create a plan for shipping your rug that works for your timeframe, budget, and shipping needs. We offer two levels of service for shipping rugs:

Economy service is ideal for most rugs. Simply wrap your rug around a PVC pipe (or similar rigid plastic) and place the rolled up rug in a heavy-duty rug bag. There’s no need to box your rug. Then, help your driver load your rug onto the truck. When your rug reaches its destination, it will be dropped off curbside

White Glove service is best for those who can’t lift their rug, or for heirloom, large, or valuable rugs. White Glove service includes packing and indoor pickup and delivery. If your rug is larger than 8 feet, it will require White Glove service.

TSI provides special care for antique rugs

Our network of professional movers will help you get your heirloom or antique rug to its destination safely. With our White Glove service, you can relax knowing that your rug will be handled by a moving team that specializes in shipping antique and household goods. All of our carriers are thoroughly vetted and held to extremely high standards.

Why choose TSI to ship your rug?

Over 30 years of experience
We’ve been in the moving and shipping industry for a long time. We know the ins and outs of shipping your rug long distance, and we can get you the best service for the lowest possible cost.

Vast network
With our extensive network of logistics professionals, we can help you ship your rug anywhere in the United States.

Professional movers
Shipping a rug poses unique challenges that professional movers are prepared to overcome. We only work with experienced movers who meet the highest industry standards.

Competitive rates
We work hard to get you the lowest rate on your rug shipment. It’s simple - if your weight and dimension estimates are accurate, the quote you get for your rug shipment is the price you will pay.

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The pick-up was a few weeks outside of the estimated 15 days. That was fine, When I contacted Philip Trendler, it was resolved and shipment was picked up a few days later. Excellent customer service in a segment of the industry that has earned a terrible reputation. Professional treatment from the first contact to this survey. You provided considerable value for dollars spent.

- Bruce W.

Adaptive and Prompt Shipment

The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful, especially given some of the complications with my shipment. Would recommend.

- Katherine P.

Cross Country with Ease

The people were very nice and efficient and knew what they were doing.

- Henrietta L.

Great Customer Service!

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