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Looking for reliable furniture, appliance, or large item shipping from or to Michigan?‌ For all of these projects and so much more, TSI is the less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation provider with reliable solutions. Because we handle jobs that take up less than a full truckload of space, we can save you the expenses and headaches typically associated with small or odd-shaped shipments. Whether you’re sending your adult children some bedroom furniture or shipping the contents of your office to a new location, we can help. That’s because, instead of fitting you to our shipments, we fit our shipments to you — with personalized services tailored to your Michigan moving and shipping needs.

Types of Michigan shipping services

From long-distance furniture shipping to assistance with an elderly family member’s move, TSI manages a wide range of shipping jobs. Some of our past projects have included shipping boxes, crates, pallets, furniture, household goods, office equipment, and specialty items. We offer two levels of service:

Economy service: We provide curbside pickup and delivery. You get everything ready to go, and we swing by to pick it up. We transport everything to its new destination and drop it off in front of your business or home. On a tight schedule? Ask about our Economy Select and Economy Plus packages. 

White Glove service: Relax and let professionals do the work. You get your own two-person shipping crew. These team members prepare your items for shipping, pick them up inside your building, and provide inside delivery. 

Shipping to Michigan made easy

We work with national companies to get you the best service at the best rates. Through the discounts we’ve negotiated with big brands, we give you the competitive rates that we’re known for, no matter what you’re shipping. Examples of items we handle include:

Large item shipping to Michigan
Furniture shipping to Michigan
Antique shipping to Michigan
Rug shipping to Michigan
Sofa shipping to Michigan

Perks of shipping to Michigan with TSI

Choosing TSI means choosing a company committed to fair, accurate quotes. As experienced shippers and movers, we also have the insight to help you make your shipment a smooth and safe one. Here are some of the advantages that come from working with us:

‌Fast, free price quotes available online or via phone

‌Full explanations of options and services

‌Assistance with estimating the dimensions of your shipment

‌Packing advice to make your shipment successful

‌No-cost carrier liability, as well as the option to purchase additional coverage

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Without hesitation, use Transit Systems. Discuss your needs and your shipment thoroughly with the knowledgeable staff to provide a smooth and accurate delivery.

- Daniel B.

Without Hesitation, Use Transit Systems

Kathy Temple was helpful and very informative. She answered all my questions quickly. I'm very satisfied with the whole experience from start to finish!

- Janet W.

Responsive and Helpful Service

Your service was recommended by the seller. Since it was my first time purchasing from eBay and having no connections for picking up my purchase (or getting it to Virginia), I went with the recommendation. I was very happy with the results. Kathy Temple was my contact and she did an amazing job! She walked me through every step of the process and gave me very quick and accurate quotations. I couldn't be happier with Kathy and TSI.

- Russell V.

Successful eBay Shipment

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