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Let our storage unit movers do the work

TSI has over 27 years of experience moving storage units. From a single piece of furniture to a full storage unit, our reliable, professional team of movers will help you move your belongings in or out of storage with ease. 

When should you hire storage unit movers?
•  If you are between leases and staying in a hotel, storage unit movers can simplify the moving process by doing all the heavy lifting for you.
•  If you are downsizing and need help transporting your furniture into storage.
•  If you want to keep your heirlooms and valuables safe from destruction during times of natural disaster.

Customized storage unit moving plans

When you work with our network of storage unit movers, an experienced small move team will come to your storage facility, carefully prepare your items, transport them, and bring them inside at their new location. 

TSI creates a customized shipping plan that works for your timeframe and budget. We offer two levels of service: Economy and White Glove. Compare your options:
Economy Service
•  Ideal for long-distance and small moves
•  No furniture to ship - furniture must be shipped using our White Glove service
•  Pack your boxes yourself
•  Help load your items onto the truck

White Glove Service
•  Ideal for furniture and valuable, fragile, or heirloom items
•  Movers prepare and load your items onto the truck
•  Indoor pickup and delivery

We will help you select the right service and customize a shipping plan to suit your move. Call us now or get a free quote online.

Save even more with our freight shipping service

If you can pack your items, bring them to the curbside, and help load them onto the truck, you can save even more with our freight shipping service. TSI can help you avoid the hassle of working with a freight company. You don’t have to worry about freight classes (LINK) or tariffs - all you need to know is the weight and dimensions of your shipment.

Learn more about our freight shipping services.

See what other people think of us.

When I selected TSI, I very nervous since time and money were the two resources that I could not afford to waste. They did not disappoint me . Overall my experience with TSI was great.

- Susan B.

No Disappointment

TSI was amazingly helpful. Very reassuring, professional, and responsive. The movers were also very professional, and incomparably better than the movers hired by typical furniture delivery services. The only thing I wish was better is the window for shipment, which is 20 business days, but that was part of the deal, which I understand.

- Xin P.

Amazingly Helpful Staff

I found TSI to be great coordinating the delivery. They were patient and answered all my questions. They were well priced and offered more amenities with their service; tracking of item, pick up and delivery by the moving company, available for questions, wrap/pack, carry, bring in house, unwrap, set up, and cart off trash. I was pleasantly surprised to have my items picked up a bit early. The timing and coordination of the pick up was exactly as described and worked without any problems. The delivery was EXACTLY on time to the day and the hour. The men were professional and friendly. My buffet was delivered without any damage. I would highly recommend TSI.

- Jan L.

Excellent Timing and Coordination

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