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Shipping to North Dakota has never been simpler

If you're looking for exceptional service at affordable rates, turn to TSI. We're the moving and shipping company with almost three decades of experience under our belt. Our shipping specialists are highly-trained and our carriers are thoroughly vetted. We know the ins and outs of shipping to North Dakota, so you can trust us to get your valuable antique, sentimental dining room set, or bulky swingset to its destination safely.

North Dakota shipping services

We have shipping services to fit almost every need. You give us your timeframe and budget and we work hard to find the right solution. If you're shipping to North Dakota, we want to work for you. Our services include: 

Sofa shipping to North Dakota
Bed shipping to North Dakota
Rug shipping to North Dakota
Box shipping to North Dakota
Furniture shipping to North Dakota

Two service levels to choose from when shipping to North Dakota

If you're short on time or unable to lift heavy boxes and furniture, White Glove service is the right choice for you. Professional movers prepare your items for you and provide inside pickup and delivery. When your goods arrive at their destination, just tell our two-man moving team where you want everything. 

Or save money with our Economy service. Use our packing tips to prepare your items for transport. When we show up, just give our mover a hand loading your items onto the truck. At arrival, we drop your goods off curbside.

In a hurry? Ask about our Economy Select or Economy Plus options.

Whether you choose Economy or White Glove, our North Dakota shipping professionals will make sure everything is classified and documented correctly. 

Why choose TSI as your North Dakota shipping company?

Shipping professionals
All our movers go through a strict vetting process and are held to some of the highest standards in the industry. Enjoy damage-free delivery and courteous movers.

Exceptional support
Our dedicated team members go above and beyond to get you the best price. Shipping to North Dakota is easy with TSI by your side.

TSI difference
TSI has been providing shipping services in North Dakota since 1989. Our customer service professionals know how to get you the lowest rate for your specific shipment. Your North Dakota shipping quote goes through real human review and is double checked for accuracy. Once your shipment is booked, you have the whole TSI team at your disposal. We’ll handle all the paperwork and offer our expert opinions.

Extensive network
Our vast network means you can ship to and from almost anywhere in the US quickly. Fargo. Bismarck. Minot Grand Forks. We're able to help anyone in the Roughrider State.

Shipping to North Dakota?

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