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Packing Tips

So you’re packing everything yourself. Where do you start?

Packing is the most important part of a successful moving or shipping service. Here you’ll find tips and tricks for preparing your goods for transport. It’s important to properly pack, as shifting can occur during shipment. But no worries, everything you need to ensure a damage-free delivery is right here. Don’t want to do the packing yourself? Check out our professional White Glove service and relax while we take care of everything.

Want to see what we don’t ship? Scroll to the bottom of the page!

General packing tips

• Make a list. It keeps you on track and you won’t forget anything. 

• Don’t rush. Start packing in advance so you have enough time to dedicate to proper packing. 

• Donate or sell your unwanted items. There’s no reason to pay more for goods you don’t need or want. 

• Pack items from the same room together. It makes unpacking much easier.

• Use packing paper. Not newspaper. Otherwise you risk transferring ink onto your belongings. 

• You’re not using too much tape. Secure the seams of your boxes properly. Don’t skimp on the masking tape. Do not use household tape or duct tape.

• Spring for shipping insurance, especially for your antique and high value items. It’s better to be safe than sorry. In the unlikely case of damage, you’ll be covered. 

Box packing tips

• Keep boxes to around 30 pounds. Boxes that are too heavy can break open. 

• Don’t under pack boxes though. If you hear your items rattling around, there’s too much space. Add extra padding, like peanuts or bubble wrap, to keep your goods secure. Use smaller boxes for fragile items. 

• Use packing tape. Not duct tape. Tape all the box seams, top, bottom, and sides. 

• Label everything. It’ll help once you reach your destination. You can even number the boxes and make an excel sheet with a detailed list of the contents. Label the box with your name and delivery address too, in case something gets misplaced. 

• Choose boxes wisely. Used boxes save you money and are perfect for items that won’t break. But for fragile items, it’s better to purchase new boxes. 

Household packing tips

• Pack your dishes upright. Don’t stack. Wrap each plate in paper and layer with bubble wrap.  

• Roll your clothing instead of folding. It saves space so you can fit more. If you have delicate or expensive clothing, use a wardrobe box. 

• Pack electronics in the original boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, bubble wrap with several layers and use a sturdy box.  Take photos of how the electronics are connected so you’ll remember how and where the wires go.

• Pack books in small and medium boxes, otherwise the boxes may get too heavy. Place clean paper between each book to keep them from sticking. 

• Soft items can just be placed in boxes. Your pillows and linens will be fine. They don’t need bubble wrap or packing peanuts. 

• Keep like items together. Heavy stoneware shouldn’t go in the same box as delicate wine glasses. 

• Need packing materials? We have a store filled with everything you need. 

Furniture packing tips

• Thoroughly clean your furniture. Dust and debris can scratch your furniture during transport.

• Empty your furniture. Dressers, bookshelves, and entertainment units should be cleared out entirely. Those items should be packed separately.

• Disassemble what you can. If your furniture can be taken apart, do it. 

• Wrap glass table tops. Cover in packing paper and bubble wrap or moving blankets. 

• Wrap mattresses, sofas, and chairs in plastic covers. This protects your furniture from rips, scratches, and moisture. 

• Secure drawers and doors. Wrap your furniture with shrink-wrap and cover in moving blankets. 

Freight packing tips

• Use pallets. Loading and unloading the truck will be easier if your boxes are on pallets. Distribute weight evenly and wrap with shrink-wrap. 

• Use quality lumber crates. The last thing you want is a crate that cracks or breaks. 

• Follow engine shipping protocol. Your engine must be drained of all fluids. Then, you can either crate the engine or wrap and strap it to a pallet.

Antique and fragile packing tips

• Use special care. Our movers go above and beyond to take care of your fragile items. But shifting during transit will happen. Don’t let poor packing cause damage.  

• Use double wall corrugated boxes. They are sturdier than regular boxes so they offer more protection.

• Tape an X across mirrors and framed artwork. It will keep the glass in place if it cracks or breaks during transit. To keep mirrors and artwork from breaking, wrap in packing paper and make sure they are wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. Fill loose space in the box with packing peanuts. Label as FRAGILE. 

• Insure. Insure. Insure. We can’t say it enough. Your antique and valuable items should be insured above the federally mandated shipping insurance included in your quote. We offer additional insurance at affordable rates. 

We ship basically everything. However, here is a small list of stuff we can’t ship:

TVs. They don't travel well in shipping conditions and the likelihood of damage is too high. We just don't want to risk it. 

Less than 100 miles away. We want to get you the best rates possible and we can't do that under 100 miles. 

Anything that’s currently alive. No plants, animals, or ashes. (Taxidermy is another story. We can ship that, no problem!)

Money, valuable documents, particularly sentimental items. It’s better to just keep them with you.

Perishable items like food. Our trucks aren’t refrigerated so everything would spoil.

Flammable items. No paint, gas, or aerosol cans. If it easily catches fire, keep it with you. 

Hazardous materials. Nothing poisonous, corrosive, or explosive.

Boxes less than 100 pounds. Okay, so technically we can ship this one. But our minimum price covers up to 120 pounds so you can probably find a better price elsewhere. Now if your item is under 120 pounds but it’s bulky, valuable, or large – that’s perfect for us.

Not sure if you can ship something? Give us a call at 1-800-626-1257. We’ll let you know.  

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