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Short & Sweet: What We Don't Ship

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We ship basically everything. However, here is a short list of what we don't ship:

TVs. They don't travel well and we don't want to risk damaging them during transit. 

Less than 100 miles away. We pride ourselves on providing affordable rates and can do the best job of that for you at 100 miles or more. 

Anything that’s currently alive. No plants, animals, or ashes. We can't water your plant or feed your dog in the back of our trucks. (Taxidermy is another story. We can ship that, no problem!) 

Money, valuable documents, particularly sentimental items. It’s better to just keep them with you.

Perishable items. We can't take food on our trucks. They aren’t refrigerated so everything would spoil.

Flammable items. No kerosene, paint thinner, or aerosol cans. We want to minimize any potential danger. 

Hazardous materials. Nothing poisonous, corrosive, or explosive. We don't specialize in chemical transport and can't legally do it. 

Boxes less than 100 pounds. We CAN ship those, but since our minimum price covers up to 120 pounds, you can probably find a better deal somewhere else. Now if it’s under 120 pounds, but bulky, valuable, or fragile – that is something TSI can handle.

Not sure if you can ship something? Give us a call at 1-800-626-1257. We’ll let you know.  

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Told you it was a short list.
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