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Is your move a small move?

Moving to a new apartment? Shipping boxes and a few pieces of furniture? Going over 150 miles? Small moves are what we do best. Small moves can be tricky. Large van line movers will price your move using a minimum weight threshold—typically 3,500 pounds in the summer and 2,500 pounds in the winter (that's about the weight of a typical 2+ bedroom residence with a decent amount of boxes and furniture). That means you'll end up overpaying if your small move is under their threshold.

TSI’s weight limit is just 120 lbs. We specialize in affordable cross country small move services for loads under 3,500 lbs, and we'll price your move based on how much it actually weighs. Whether you're moving a studio apartment or a 3 bedroom home, we'll create a custom solution that works for you.

Are we the right small movers for you?

If you have a small move going over 150 miles, we can help you. Our expert logistics specialists will coordinate every aspect of your move, ensuring a smooth process from pickup to delivery.

•  Estate executors rely on us to get goods to multiple destinations 
•  Employees relocating to new states love our affordable rates 
•  Individuals enjoy our personalized moving plans 
•  Families feel secure knowing we handle heirlooms and sentimental goods with care 

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Drew and Connie's story

Challenge accepted
Drew and Connie S. were moving from a large 5 bedroom home in Pennsylvania to a 2 bedroom rancher in North Carolina. After downsizing, they didn’t have enough things to fill an entire truck so they turned to TSI.

Problem solved
Our logistics specialist Kathy scheduled a video survey with Drew and Connie in order to get an accurate estimate for their move. Kathy determined how many boxes they would need and let them know their grandfather clock would need to be crated. She matched them with the right carrier and managed the moving parts so Drew and Connie could focus on their move. On move-in day, a two-person moving team brought all their boxes and furniture inside.

Expert small load movers

Apartment moves
For long distance apartment and condo moves, TSI provides customized solutions fulfilled by experienced small load movers.

College moves
Moving to a college out-of-state or across the state? Our award winning team will manage your relocation from A-Z so you can spend your time getting excited for your next adventure.

If you have several boxes that need to be shipped long distance, we’ll create a personalized plan that fits your schedule and budget. Whether you need packing assistance, indoor pickup and delivery, or simply transportation, TSI has a small moves service that’s perfect for you.

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