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TSI has decades of experience in special care.

TSI has been in the moving and shipping industry for over 27 years. We have the experience to get your goods to their destination safely. Call our logistics specialists at 1-800-626-1257 to discuss your special care shipping needs and get an instant quote.

Antique shipping

We offer two options for shipping your valuable antiques. Our blanket wrap moving service is economical and requires no crating. Our experienced movers prepare your items for safe transport.

For higher end pieces, we recommend crating. Not only is it added safety for your piece, but also meets antique shipping insurance guidelines for high-value items.

Both services include in-home pickup and delivery when you choose our White Glove service. Click here to learn more.

Piano shipping

We ship pianos at competitive rates. Our professional movers expertly prepare and secure your piano to ensure a safe shipment. Your piano arrives in a timely manner, so you can get back to making music.

We’re also experienced in more than just shipping pianos. We provide expert shipping and moving of any large keyboard instrument. Click here to learn more.

Art shipping

We want to protect your art during shipment. Our art and antique shipping specialists will detail everything involved in your shipment plan.  We try to work within your timeframe and budget to provide shipping services that work for you. We also offer additional insurance for high-value items, so you’re always covered. Click here to learn more.

Grandfather clock shipping

Your time is valuable. That's why we work hard to provide timely shipments of your well-loved grandfather clocks. With our White Glove service, moving professionals come into your home to prepare your clock for shipment. When your clock reaches its destination, just tell our movers where you want it.

Or save some cash with our pack-it-yourself Economy option. On moving day,  help load your item on the truck. When your clock arrives it will be dropped off curbside. If you're short on time ask about our Economy Select and Economy Plus packages. Click here to learn more.

Need special care for your valuable goods?

Give us a call at 1-800-626-1257 to get started. Or get an online quote now. 

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White Glove service

We highly recommend using our White Glove service when shipping your fragile or valuable items. Our professional movers come inside your home and prepare your furniture items for safe transport. Once ready, our two man moving crew loads your furniture onto the truck and go on their way. Upon arrival, our movers provide in-home delivery. Just point to where you want your furniture and they’ll do the rest. Sit back and enjoy your stress-free freight moving or shipping process. Click here to learn more about our White Glove service.

Economy service

While not recommended for fragile or valuable items, our Economy service is also available. Using our tips for packing, make sure your fragile or valuable items are properly packed for shipment. Everything must be boxed when using our Economy service. When our driver arrives, you help load your items on the truck. Your goods will be dropped off curbside once they reach their destination. You just unpack and assemble. Click here to learn more.

Ask about our Economy Plus and Economy Select options if your schedule is tight. 

Why trust TSI with your fragile and valuable goods?

TSI has been moving and shipping valuable and fragile goods for nearly three decades. We know what it takes to get your items to their destination safely and at an affordable rate. 

Professional movers
We only work with the best of the best. Our carriers are leaders in the moving and shipping industry. They know their stuff. Your items will be prepared properly and handled with care, by movers who have a proven track record.

Logistics specialists
Our logistics specialist work with your timeframe and budget to create a customized shipping or moving plan for you. They help you with documentation and classification, so you can relax. At TSI, we aim to provide a seamless and simple solution to your fragile and valuable shipping problems. 

Freight shipping insurance
Your price quote includes the federally mandated shipping insurance. We also offer additional coverage, which we highly suggest for fragile or valuable items. In the unlikely event that something is damaged, you’ll be covered. 

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I am very impressed with TSI. I researched companies and found excellent consumer comments about the company. From the very first phone call through planning the move was excellent. Kudos to my moving consultant who planned and coordinated the move with me. Bottom line, I will use this company again and recommend them to friends.

Terence B

Terence B

Kudos to TSI

Very good communication with my moving consultant on the front end. He arranged for local vendor to pick up goods as my window for being in LA did not coincide with their regular crew. The local vendor held the goods until TSI’s crew picked them up. Goods arrived week of December 14th in good shape. Very nice guys who delivered goods.



Very Nice Delivery Guys

I looked everywhere for a business that would ship my bed. I was told not to bother, just sell it and buy again. Luckily, I came across TSI. They were helpful, nice, and accommodating. They shipped my bed on schedule at the price they quoted. I couldn’t be more happy. Thank you!



Lucky Mattress Shipment

We want to help you get your items to their destination safely. Give us a call at 1-800-626-1257 to get started. Or request an online quote now. 

Need something valuable or fragile shipped? 

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