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Piano shipping simplified

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Piano moving can be complicated 

With a dedicated team of experts by your side every step of the way, TSI makes shipping your piano easy.  We use certified piano movers who will properly prepare your piano and ship it in a special climate-controlled truck, traveling only with other pianos.  Give our shipping specialists a call at 866-394-9953 for more information or to request a quote.

We’ve been shipping pianos long distance for over 27 years.  Some of the pianos we ship include:

  • Spinet
  • Studio
  • Upright
  • Grand
  • Ballroom
  • Concert Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • And more


Madison's story

Challenge accepted
Madison M. was moving from Florida to Utah. She quickly found out that most moving companies wouldn’t even go near her grandmother’s 98-year-old piano. That is, until she found TSI.

Problem solved
TSI’s logistics specialist worked with Madison to create a moving solution perfect for her. Her piano traveled on climate controlled trucks, ensuring the antique wood wouldn’t warp. The piano was blanket wrapped by certified piano movers and traveled on a truck with other pianos. At delivery, a two-person moving team brought the piano into her living room and set it up.

TSI Stat: We've safely delivered approximately 3,000 pianos since 2008!

Special care for your piano

Professional piano movers come into your home and prepare your piano for transport.  Once prepared, your piano is loaded onto the truck.  When your piano reaches its destination, simply tell our two-person moving crew where you want it. They will unload it and provide inside delivery, so you can get right back to making beautiful music.

Insurance for shipping your piano

Like all fragile or high-value shipments, we highly recommend adding additional insurance to your piano shipping service. While it’s unlikely your piano will be damaged during transport, extra insurance gives you extra peace of mind. Every service from TSI comes with federally mandated shipping insurance, and we also offer additional insurance options.

See what other people think of us.

I participated in the live chat online. The moving specialist was able to give me a quote very quickly. The price I received was extremely reasonable. By the end of the day I had a bill of lading. Pickup was the next business day and my items were delivered 2 days later.

- Mike B.

Live Chat

In 50 years of being in businesses that required shipping, TSI is far and away the absolute best I have ever worked with. I have never had this kind of service from any other person taking care of my shipping needs, both coming and going. I will continue to use TSI for all my shipping needs.

- Albert B.

TSI is the Absolute Best

Loved the service provided! My moving consultant was great!! Super positive experience to ship out deceased friend's belongings home to family from Colorado to Virginia! Rates were awesome and much better than a moving company! Will use this service again if ever needed!! Pickup driver knowledgeable and took great care of items loaded!

- Selina A.

More Than Just a Moving Company

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