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What is a video survey?

A video survey is just like an in-person moving quote, but instead of someone walking through your home, it’s all done on your smartphone. When we can see exactly what you want to move and how much stuff you have, we can create a more accurate quote.

Our specialists are available for video surveys 8:30am-6:30pm. Schedule a survey in advance or reach out via Facetime or Google Hangouts at [email protected] 

Who benefits from video surveys?

If you have a single item, there’s no need to schedule a video chat. Our specialists can quote single items easily. But moves with more moving parts (pun intended) may benefit from a virtual survey. If any of the following sounds like your upcoming move, you’re a great candidate for a video survey:

•  Small moves, such as apartment or condo moves
•  Long-distance or cross-country moves
•  Moves with furniture and boxes
•  Household moves

Make your move simple with video surveys!

Reach us via Facetime or Google Hangouts right away at [email protected] or schedule a survey for later. Our specialists are available M-F, 8:30am - 6:30pm.

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