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Have too many boxes for post or parcel shippers but not enough to fill a moving truck? Shipping large boxes and want to avoid oversized package fees charged by parcel carriers like FedEx or UPS? Whether you’re shipping large boxes to the next state or across the country, TSI makes it easy to ship boxes long distance. With our nationwide network of box shipping professionals, TSI’s expert problem solvers specialize in creating customized plans for moving or shipping large boxes.

Some of TSI’s box shipping solutions include professional packing and preparation to ensure your belongings arrive undamaged. If you have 15 or more boxes to ship, we can also help palletize your shipment for safer transport. Custom crating and climate-controlled trucks are also available. Request a box shipping quote for more information. We can help you ship boxes any distance longer than 150 miles, including:

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Request a box shipping quote online to see your moving options and get instant pricing for shipping large boxes. One of our logistics experts in Wayne, PA will reach out to you to get all the details about your household move or shipment.

How Shipping Large Boxes Works

If you are shipping 15+ boxes or oversized and heavy boxes that you will pack,  our logistics specialists may recommend our White Glove Consolidated box shipping service. If you are moving your entire home long distance, need faster delivery, or need help packing your boxes, our Full Service Expedited service is often the best option. To ship 15 or fewer medium-sized packed boxes, our flat rate Box-And-Ship program may be the most cost-effective choice. The exact cost of your box shipment will depend on the size and number of boxes you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and any special considerations such as fragile contents or palletization. Some service options may be more cost-effective than others if you also have some to ship or are flexible with your timing.

Full Service Expedited

  • Expedited timing
  • Full professional packing
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Full valuation protection insurance

White Glove Consolidated

  • Professional preparation of the furniture
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Limited liability coverage

Excellent communication. Pick up and delivery was very professional.

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This is the first move for me in US. People are more friendly. They guided me so warmly, answered all my questions patiently, and helped make my move successful. Thank you, guys! You are the best!!

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Shipping Large Boxes FAQ's

What can I pack in a box for shipping?

Clothes, dishes, pots & pans, knick knacks, and small furniture items can all be safely packed into boxes for shipping. Your furniture and appliances should always be blanket wrapped (or crated) and shipped using White Glove services. 

If you have a lot of items in varying sizes and need several boxes, our flat rate box-and-ship solution is based on the number of boxes you need to ship and the service level you choose. We'll send you the empty boxes to fill up, then come get them and deliver them to their destination. All you have to do is pack them up!

How do I choose the right box for shipping my items?

  • Using the right box is essential for keeping your items safe during transport. Follow these tips when choosing and packing boxes:
  • Purchase new boxes for fragile or valuable items. Used boxes are more likely to tear or sustain damage in transit.
  • Sturdy used boxes can be used for soft, unbreakable items like clothes or linens
  • Don’t use boxes that are too large. Empty space allows your items to shift during transit and may cause damage. If your boxes are too large, use clothing, linens, packing paper, or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces.
  • Make sure you use heavy-duty double-walled boxes for large, fragile, and heavy items.

Where is the best place to get packing supplies?

The best place to get packing supplies depends on what supplies you need. New boxes and packing materials can be purchased from storage companies and DIY movers. If you’re moving your entire household, you can also purchase a moving kit that contains everything you’ll need to pack your belongings. TSI sells moving kits here. We ship them right to your door, making this all-in-one solution as simple and straightforward as possible. 

If you need help packing your belongings, check out our blog for detailed packing tips and advice.

Our shipping specialists are also here to walk you through the entire process, including finding the right packaging materials for your shipment and ensuring your boxes are secure and ready for transport. Don’t hesitate to ask them for packing advice by calling us at 1-800-626-1257.

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