"How do I ship that?"

Moving large items long distance is always stressful. Some items are easy to move on your own, while others require special care that only experienced professionals can provide. Some things may even be better left behind. How do you know which shipping method is right for you?

TSI's comprehensive shipping guides will help you decide. Each guide contains detailed information how to move or ship some of the most common household items, including mattresses, pianos, antiques, and other furniture. In these guides, you will learn:

  • What shipping methods are available to you
  • How much it costs to ship your item
  • What shipping method is best for your item and your unique moving circumstances
  • Special considerations for each item
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to properly pack each item

How Do I Ship...

mattress and sheets

How Do I Ship a Mattress?

Mattresses are bulky and heavy, and that makes them awkward and difficult to move. 

Learn how to ship a mattress

table and chairs

How Do I Ship a Dining Room Set?

Dining room sets are often highly sentimental, and that can make moving these items especially stressful.

Learn how to ship a dining room set

art and paintings

How Do I Ship Paintings?

No matter how large, old, or valuable your artwork is, paintings are delicate and may be complicated to move.

Learn how to ship paintings

lady making a sculpture

How Do I Ship a Sculpture?

Whether you’re a sculptor, gallery owner, or collector, transporting sculpture is a daunting process.

Learn how to ship a sculpture

antique grandfather clock

How Do I Ship a Grandfather Clock?

It's possible to move your grandfather clock yourself, but it's always better to work with professionals.

Learn how to ship a grandfather clock

room full of antiques

How Do I Ship Antiques?

Proper packing is the key to safely moving antiques, whether you move them yourself or hire professionals.

Learn how to ship antiques

mother and daughter playing on piano

How Do I Ship an Upright Piano?

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move. You can move them yourself, but it's always safer to work with pros. 

Learn how to ship an upright piano

woman organizing her moving boxes

How Do I Ship Large Boxes?

Post and courier shipping services have strict weight and size limits, and can be too costly for large boxes. 

Learn how to ship large boxes

computer monitor

How Do I Ship Computers & Servers?

Because they contain sensitive information and fragile components, computers & servers can be tough to ship.

Learn how to ship computers and servers

image of auto engine

How Do I Ship Engines & Transmissions?

Engines and transmissions are quite simple to ship.

Learn how to ship engines & transmissions

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