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Tailor-made solutions for household moves and residential shipments

Whether you need help shipping a single item or moving your whole household, TSI has full-service household moving and residential shipping solutions for all your long distance relocation needs. We're experts in long distance moves and residential shipments going over 150 miles.

Personalized options for household moving and residential shipping

Economy Service for boxed items This curb-to-curb service is our most hands-off option. You pack everything yourself and help load and unload your items.

White Glove Service for furniture and fragile items A two-person team comes into your home and prepares your furniture for transport. They also provide inside delivery at your destination.

Packing Our professional packers can take care of all the packing and preparation for you.

Crating Ensure your items are safe with custom crating. Perfect for antique, fragile and high-value goods.

DIY Programs If you can do the packing and prep work, our new DIY Mattress Shipping, Box Shipping, and Self-Crating solutions are easy and affordable options for household moving.

Residential Moves and Shipments FAQ's

What is a “household move”?

A move is considered a household move when you are moving your home base completely from one place to another. It will typically include all of your furniture, decor, household goods, artwork, clothing, books, sporting and lawn equipment, and more. Small household moves typically weigh at least 500 lbs, but larger moves can be much higher in weight—sometimes up to 20,000 lbs. 

TSI specializes in small moves (less than 3,500 pounds). We can help organize and ship all kinds of items, including living room furniture, grand pianos, and large appliances. We can also ship antiques or art pieces, as well as large instruments.

What is the best way to pack small household items?

There are many things to consider when packing small items, particularly how fragile they are. Use only high quality boxes and plenty of packing paper and/or bubble wrap, and take care that all space within the box is adequately filled to avoid crushing. For specific tips and tricks, check out TSI’s detailed room by room packing guides. You can also visit our Moving Supplies shop to order kits that meet the needs of your move.

Can I pack my items myself?

Yes, you can pack your items yourself! Packing yourself helps to significantly reduce your moving costs. 

The easiest way to tackle packing your entire household is to stay organized and have a game plan. We recommend getting rid of any junk that you plan on not taking with you, and starting with the rooms you use the least. We also suggest you start packing decorative items several weeks before your moving day, including paintings, sculpture, and other small decor items. These items tend to be more difficult to pack because of how fragile and awkwardly shaped they can be.

For more detailed suggestions on how to safely pack up your art, check out our “How Do I Ship a Painting?”  guide. Take a look at our Room by Room Packing Guide for more general moving tips and tricks to get you moving down the road to packing success!

What packing supplies do I need to pack my items for shipment?

Prior to packing up your personal items, you will want to be sure you have: 

  • Sturdy, strong boxes

  • Packing paper

  • Bubble wrap

  • A high quality tape gun with refills

  • Permanent markers and labels to clearly mark your boxes and keep things organized

  • Scissors 

  • Hand towels and bath towels to protect especially fragile pieces, as well as fill in boxes that have extra space. 

For artwork and other specialty pieces, you will need specific boxes and protection. Get our tips and tricks in our Room by Room Packing GuideWe also offer supplies through our website here.

How much does it cost to ship a whole household?

Many factors go into actual pricing of household moves. As a very rough benchmark, here are some estimates for pricing. A move of about 1,000 pounds (a couple of rooms of items) going 1,000 miles would be in the range of $2500; 3,000 pounds (2 bedroom apt) going 1,000 miles would be in the range of $4800; and 5,000 pounds of stuff (full small house) would be about $6500.

What is “White Glove Shipping”?

"White Glove” shipping includes indoor pickup and delivery, packing, and crating if necessary. All furniture shipped with TSI is shipped using White Glove services to ensure the safest possible journey. Insurance is always available to cover the value of your items.

When is the best time to move?

Typically, demand for moving services begins to increase at the end of May and continues through the summer. Because of this, we recommend that you start the moving process as early as the beginning of spring, which includes March and April. The weather is usually less harsh compared to the winter months and demand is typically lower.

How do I prepare my appliances for moving?

The best packing method depends on the appliance you’re shipping. Generally, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Clean your appliance and disassemble it as much as possible.

  2. Pack any disassembled items, such as hoses, separately in properly packed boxes. If you are shipping a dishwasher, make sure to completely empty it before shipping it.

  3. For all appliances, unplug them and secure any cords to the back using packing tape.

  4. Wrap the item in moving blankets, and secure the blankets in place with high-quality packing tape.

  5. Make sure to tape all doors shut, and any extra screws or nuts are secured before moving.

For detailed instructions, check out our blog for laundry room packing guide, or read our comprehensive How Do I Ship That? guides.

How it works

You need something moved or shipped

If you need our services, call us M-F 9am-6pm ET, live chat with us, or submit an online form. The more details you can provide, the better. Have your pickup and drop off zip codes, inventory and approximate dimensions, and any special considerations we should know ready when you call.

You need something moved or shipped

We’ll put together a custom solution

Your household move or residential shipment will be assigned to one of our specialists. Using our nationwide network of providers, you’ll get a personalized solution that’s right for you. We can add insurance for valuable or sentimental items and custom packing or crating if needed.

We’ll put together a custom solution

Enjoy hands-on service from experts

TSI is here to make sure your move or shipment goes smoothly. Your specialist will handle all the details, provide packing recommendations, and update you on the status of your job, and our operations team will solve problems before they occur and monitor your carrier’s progress.

Enjoy hands-on service from experts

Residential shipping and household moving is easier with TSI

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