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Shipping Fragile Items Cross Country with TSI

Fragile items can be especially daunting to ship long distances. Whether you’re moving one item or an entire home’s worth of belongings, TSI makes shipping fragile items long distance easy. TSI’s expert problem solvers specialize in creating customized plans for moving or shipping fragile items. 

All of TSI’s fragile item shipping solutions include preparation of furniture itesmto ensure your pieces arrive undamaged, including custom crating and climate-controlled trucks if needed. We can also help with packing boxes of smaller items if needed. Shipping fragile items from multiple origins to a single destination, or from a single origin to multiple destinations? We can help with that too. Request a fragile item shipping quote for more information. We move or ship fragile items cross country - or any distance longer than 150 miles - every day, including:

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Request a fragile item shipping quote online to see your moving options and get instant pricing for fragile shipping. One of our logistics experts in Wayne, PA will reach out to you to get all the details about your move or fragile items, including details about each piece, final destination requirements, pickup conditions, and more.

How Shipping Fragile Items Works

If you are shipping fragile items long distance, our White Glove Consolidated shipping service is often the best option. If you need a faster delivery or have an large number of items to ship, our logistics specialists may recommend Full Service Expedited moving service. The exact cost of your shipment will depend on the size and number of fragile items you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and any special considerations such as glass or delicate components.

White Glove Consolidated


  • Professional preparation of the furniture
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Limited liability coverage

Full Service Expedited


  • Expedited timing
  • Full professional packing
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Full valuation protection insurance

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Getting my kitchen table shipped from Florida to New York was a breeze. TSI made is easy to get a quote and schedule pick up and drop off. The best part was communication and accuracy around pick up and drop off times so there was no wasted… More ›

Liz Carollo - Clearwater, FL to New York, NY mymovingreviews

TSI was great. I was nervous because of previous bad experiences with other moving companies. I was sending a unique furniture set ( sofa and loveseat) to a family member. From pick up to drop off TSI kept me informed, handled the furniture… More ›

Lisa Speller facebook

Kathy Temple was courteous and prompt in arranging the service. She was also great at responding to questions. Status updates were sent regularly while my piano was in transit. Appreciated the efficient and professional service.

Ora R. tsi

Frequently Asked Fragile Item Shipping Questions

How do I package fragile items for shipping?

There are multiple ways to pack fragile items for shipping. The best packing method depends on the size, weight, and value of what you are shipping.

Large fragile items like artwork or furniture are most securely packed into crates. Smaller fragile items can be packed safely into cardboard boxes with sufficient padding. For even extra security, you can double box small items by packing them into a box, then packing that box into a second larger box with extra padding. 

If you are shipping fragile items in boxes, always use new boxes made of heavy corrugated cardboard. Choose a box that is large enough for the item you wish to ship and its packaging material. There should be at least two inches between your item and the box on all sides. If multiple items will be packed in a single box, there should be two inches of packing material between each item.


Can I write “FRAGILE” on a package?

Yes, you can write “FRAGILE” on a package, but it does not guarantee that your package will not be dropped or damaged on its journey. Labeling your package as “FRAGILE” or “handle with care” is always a good idea, but the best protection you can give a fragile item is to pack it properly into a secure crate or strong box with adequate padding.

Is extra insurance available for shipping fragile items?

Yes, extra insurance is available for fragile item shipments, including artwork, antiques, and large or small fragile items. All fragile shipments transported by TSI include federally mandated limited liability coverage, which pays out at 60 cents per pound. For high-value, one-of-a-kind, original, or highly sentimental items, we strongly recommend purchasing supplemental insurance.

Fragile shipping for your treasured items

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