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Tailor-made plans for shipping car, boat, and truck engines

Engines, transmissions, and other auto parts are heavy, delicate, and irregularly shaped. Whether you’re a retailer shipping parts to buyers across the country or a collector restoring a vintage car, you need someone you can trust to handle transporting these items. TSI’s engine shipping experts can help—we specialize in creating custom solutions for moving and shipping difficult-to-transport items, including engines, transmissions, and other vehicle parts.

Engine and transmission shipping company you can rely on

Dedicated service
Your dedicated logistics specialist will create a personalized engine or transmission shipping plan that fits your needs. From quote to delivery, they’ll coordinate every aspects of your shipment.

Access to specialty carriers
High-value or custom engines will travel on air ride-equipped trucks with lift gates and pallet jacks to ensure smooth delivery. Our commercial division can also handle engine shipments that require hotshots, RGN trailers, flatbeds, hazmat, oversize or heavy haul, or sprinters.

Custom crating
TSI’s engine and transmission shipping services can include custom crating, plus indoor pickup and delivery, for high-value, vintage, or custom-built parts.

How to pack engines and transmissions for shipping

There are two ways to pack engines, transmissions, and other parts:

  1. Pallet: Palletizing is the most popular way to ship an engine. It’s a more affordable option, but requires more effort when packing.
  2. Crate: Crating your engine or transmission is more secure than palletizing, but it may cost more. Crating is ideal for antique, high-value, or custom-built parts.

No matter which method you choose, all fluids must be drained before your engine is shipped. Fluids such as oil and even water can damage packaging materials, and can be extremely dangerous in transit.

Engine shipping is easier with TSI

Trust the professionals at TSI to handle shipping your engine, transmission, or other auto, boat, or truck parts. Give us a call today at 1-800-626-1257 or request an online quote now.

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