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It's time to get ahead of clutter, and TSI can help. Our professional organizers can lend a hand and offer experience-backed ideas when organizing your home or workplace. From busy families to senior citizens to bustling businesses, we can customize an organizer service package for any situation. 

Decluttering and Space Optimization
TSI can give you a clean slate at your residence or workplace. Our decluttering team will sort through items with you and get rid of what you don’t need by donating, discarding, or gifting.

We also offer space optimization services that will set the stage for lasting organization. Our experts will redesign your storage and room layouts based on your lifestyle or workflow. You can also work with us when you move into a new home or office to make the most of your fresh start.

Organizing for a Move

We will send experts to assist you in sorting through your items, downsizing if needed, packing belongings (to enable efficient unloading and unpacking), and space planning for the new home. With a nationwide network of movers and organizers, we can help you pretty much anywhere your current or new home may be. Localized assistance boosts efficiency and reduces the cost of organizer services.

Understanding the Cost of Organizing & Decluttering Services

We charge by blocks of either four or eight hours with prices that correspond with your zip code. We will provide a clear rate upfront so you know exactly how much your services will cost per hour before confirming your service. Our rates are competitive, so we offer a cost-effective, reliable way to hire someone to organize your house. The number of hours required can vary greatly based on what you need help with and the current state of the space. Check out some examples of projects we handle. 

View some sample jobs including # of hours required.

Streamline Your Space With TSI

Do more with your living and working spaces.


We will review the space, discuss objectives, agree on an estimated starter package of hours, and schedule your service date.

Work Together

One of our local professional organizers will tackle the moving or organizing work under your supervision and guidance.

Enjoy The Results

We will leave you to enjoy your organized space. As you relax and enjoy your new home, feel free to refer us to your family and friends. (ask about our gift card rewards).

The Value of Professional Organization

Professional organizer services help individuals, families, and businesses stay productive. We establish the structure you need to keep track of your belongings and spend less time searching. Our organizers also provide a priceless benefit —  peace of mind. Rest easy and think clearly knowing there is a place for everything and everything is is in its place. 

Why Trust TSI?
Since 1989, we've helped individuals, families, and businesses maintain orderly spaces that are both functional and comfortable. Our experience gives us the skills to find the best solution for your lifestyle. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and 4.3 stars on ShipperApproved. We encourage you to check our reviews from satisfied customers. You can also meet our team to get to know the professionals curating your solutions. 

Are you a Senior moving out of your home after many years?
TSI's sister company, Moves for Seniors, specializes in all downsizing- and move-related needs for seniors, their families, and the communities in which they live. Visit our site to learn more and request a quote, or call to speak with a Senior Move Specialist: 800-227-0515. 

Organizing FAQs

What does a professional organizer do?

A professional organizer assesses a space and your goals for it to determine efficient, functional, and comfortable layout options. That may mean adding, it may mean subtracting, or it may mean a completely different set up. Our organizers help you make decisions to create the well-organized home or office you've always wanted. We can also provide organizer services during moves so that your belongings arrive safely to their new destination and after moves so your new home starts off just the way you want it. 

What if I can do the work but need help planning?

That's totally fine. The professional organizer we send to help you will be able to talk to you about your goals, view the relevant space(s), and provide detailed recommendations about what needs to happen. They can also typically refer you to local resources if you need them, such as donation centers, consignment shops, labor, etc.

What if I have a plan but just can't get to doing it?

That's fine too! If you have a vision for a space in your home but can't for some reason make it happen, our organizers can be as hands-on as you need them to be.

How much do organizing services cost?

TSI offers organizer services in 4 or 8 hour blocks, with price varying slightly based on where you live. Purchase as many blocks as you need based on the projects you have in mind. View pricing on our site by entering your zip code. When we have an initial conversation, we will give you a rough estimate of how many hours your project may take.

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It's time to begin the journey toward a more organized, peaceful living environment. We encourage you to request a quote online or call 1-800-626-1257 for more information.

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