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Long Distance Household Movers and Shippers

Moving or shipping household items long distance - whether a few or a whole home’s worth - can be a major undertaking. TSI’s expert household movers and shippers make it easy to relocate long distances, which is typically 150 miles+. All of TSI’s household movers and shippers offer the option of professional packing and preparation to ensure belongings arrive undamaged, including custom crating and climate-controlled trucks if needed. Request a household moving quote for more information or call us at 1-800-626-1257 for an instant quote.

With our nationwide network of professional household movers and shippers, TSI’s logistics experts specialize in creating customized plans for moving or shipping your belongings. We can move or ship entire households cross-country or across the state:

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Household Moving & Shipping Options

If you are moving household goods long distance or need faster delivery, our Full Service Expedited shipping service is often the best option. If you are only shipping a small load (such as a few pieces of furniture) our shipping experts may recommend the White Glove Consolidated moving service. To ship packed boxes only (no furniture), our Box-And-Ship program may be the most cost-effective choice. The exact cost of your household move will depend on the size and number of items you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and any special considerations such as glass or delicate components.

Full Service Expedited

  • Expedited timing
  • Full professional packing
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Full valuation protection insurance

White Glove Consolidated

  • Professional preparation of the furniture
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Limited liability coverage

Box-And-Ship Program

  • Empty boxes delivered to you
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery of packed boxes
  • $100 of insurance per box

Household Shipping and Moving FAQs

How far in advance should I schedule movers?

Household moves should be scheduled as far in advance as possible—ideally at least 2 months in advance to secure a moving truck and a lower rate. Some household movers and shippers will be able to accommodate shorter timelines if needed, though additional fees may apply. Remember that the busy season for movers is typically May - September, so availability can be more limited. Companies like TSI with access to multiple carriers nationally do not usually have those limitations.

How much does it cost to move to a 3 bedroom house?

It can cost between $800-$8,000 to move a 3-bedroom house. The exact cost of moving a 3-bedroom house depends on how far you are moving, how much stuff you have to move, and what kind of mover you work with. 
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Will a moving company move one piece of furniture?

Not many companies will move one or few pieces of furniture. TSI is one of the few small load movers with a national presence and specializes in moves that do not require a full truck. Some household movers will not move a single piece of furniture locally, but there may be specialized single-item movers in your area if you’re moving a single piece of furniture within the same city. Learn more about long-distance furniture shipping with TSI. Read more: How To Ship Furniture Out Of State

What is the best moving company for long distance moves?

The best moving company for long distance moves ultimately depends on your budget and timeline, your physical ability, and the amount of stuff you have to move. 

For small load long distance moves, the best option is to work with a company like TSI that has options for consolidated shipping. Large van lines typically have weight minimums that only make sense if you are moving a whole home. Professional cross-country household movers and shippers like TSI will prepare and load furniture and may offer packing services for boxes. TSI offers extra services such as on-site crating (if needed) and can even help you pack, organize and declutter, and more. Request a household moving and shipping quote to learn more.

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What is the average cost of moving to another state?

The average cost of a long distance move is approximately $4,890, based on the estimated weight of a 2-3 bedroom home moving approximately 1,000 miles.

Thank you for such an amazing experience! My mattress and box springs came in a timely manner and were in the same condition as when I sent it. Very pleased with TSI.

Taunya S. tsi

Only 4 of the 6 items were delivered on the initial scheduled date. It took almost a week to locate and reschedule a delivery for the missed items, arriving 12 days after the original date. Overall, I'd rate TSI 8 out of 10!

Christopher K. tsi

We had a good experience moving valuable dishes from NJ to TN with TSI. The window of time they gave us for delivery extended to the end of January. We were delighted that the delivery was a few days before Christmas for china and Christmas… More ›

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