How COVID disrupted campus life

A case study in flexible logistics problem solving

Shifting focus to meet the needs of a worldwide crisis

When the Pandemic hit the US in March of 2020, TSI was faced with a huge challenge - and opportunity. Colleges and Universities across the country were in the position of having students stuck at home after being told not to return after Spring Break. So belongings were stranded in residence halls while their owners were at home and unable to retrieve them. TSI was able to put together custom solutions to address that issue by applying existing and new services in a totally new way. 

What are the customers saying about us?

Moving and organizing during a pandemic was hard. Hear from the people who worked in and around it all.

“It was clear that no one at the colleges knew how to solve this problem, nor should they have. I mean, a global pandemic smack dab imperfectly timed in the middle of spring break?! Our team had never faced a challenge like this but we quickly… More ›

Chris Smith, CEO of Transit Systems, Inc (TSI) tsi

Back in March 2020, we didn’t know what we know now about the virus. We thought if you touched a surface, you may easily get infected with the virus. That impacted everything we planned for as we shut down the campus. New York City seemed… More ›

AJ Lutz, The New School and Parson School of Design, Director of Housing tsi

“…Duke looked like a ghost town. In the dorms, it was like the Bermuda Triangle - with food still on plates, beds unmade. It looked like students would be coming right back.”

Matt Geis, Field Director for TSI Ops tsi

“How do you finish the semester when all your stuff is still on campus?... It was pretty chaotic to figure out how to reunite students and the belongings in their rooms.”

LB Bergene, Duke University, Senior Associate Dean, Housing & Residence Life, East Campus tsi

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