Full Replacement Value — Valued Inventory & Full Replacement Value — Lump Sum Insuring Agreement

Household goods, personal effects, private passenger automobiles and office goods shipped under deck or by air are insured against "All Risks" of physical loss or damage from any external cause, subject to the American Institute Cargo Clauses. These clauses include Warehouse to Warehouse Transit Clauses, Marine Extension Clauses, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion, and "War Risk" insurance. Containerized shipments, whether shipped on deck or under deck are insured per "All Risks" conditions. Non-Containerized shipments on deck, subject to an "On Deck" bill of lading, are insured "Free of Particular Average" unless the vessel or craft be stranded, sunk, burnt, on fire, in collision or by the shipment being jettisoned or lost overboard.

Insurance purchased as Full Replacement Value - Valued Inventory must specify covered item(s) by item name and declare a value for each item(s). Items not listed are not covered. Item(s) cannot be marked as "Miscellaneous" ("Misc"). Items marked miscellaneous are not covered.

Insurance purchased as Full Replacement Value - Lump Sum must be purchased for a minimum $8.00 per pound for Replacement Value coverage. Coverage requires that high value items be specifically declared and valued separate from the balance of the shipment. Weight of items NOT LISTED on the High Value List must also be insured for a MINIMUM of $8.00 per pound, or Co-Insurance will apply. Failure to purchase the insurance under this term may cause the shipment to become underinsured and will place in effect the Co-Insurance Clause. Co-Insurance, or Underinsuring, determines the settlement compensation amount in case of a claim. Co-Insurance is a situation in which a shipment or an item is insured for less than its replacement value. Settlement will be proportional to the declared value versus the replacement value of the shipment or item. All weights will be established by a government/industry issued weight guide.

EXAMPLE: Shipment weight: 5000 pounds (or 714 cubic feet)

Total Value of items on High Value List: $25,000. To avoid co-insurance, follow this simple calculation: Add the total amount listed for the high value items ($25,000) to the weight of the shipment 5000 pounds x $8, or $40,000, for a total insured value of $65,000.

The settlement based on Full Value Replacement insurance and Replacement insurance will be the lesser of repair costs, replacement value or as stated on the valued inventory. In the event that an item or its parts cannot be restored to its original condition through repair or replacement subsequent loss of value is not covered beyond the repair or replacement cost of the item or its parts. Only repair costs are covered; incidental charges related to repair costs are not covered.

The Insurance Carrier reserves the right to replace the damaged or missing items with items of like kind and quality. If any item of a "set" is lost or damaged, payment is only made for proportionate value of the item damaged, not the entire set. Items grouped together will be considered of equal value.

This insurance includes coverage while in transit, or in storage at origin and/or destination within an approved warehouse for a total of 90 days starting from the packing date. Mini storages, self- lock areas, garages and other like facilities are not considered approved warehouses. In case of a shipment being held in storage for a period of over 90 days starting from the packing date, the assured must promptly notify Moving insurance, LLC of the delay and pay an additional premium. Failure to do so will cease coverage on the certificate.

Any shipped item valued at over $1000.00 per item or set MUST BE SPECIFICALLY DECLARED AND VALUED prior to issuance of this document. Failure to comply will limit recovery to a maximum of $1000.00 per item or set. Items grouped together will be considered of equal value.

If the origin pick up location is a self-storage facility, coverage will not be in effect for any boxes which have not been re-packed by the mover. Packed articles claimed missing are not covered even when cartons have been re-packed by the mover, unless inventory of contents is also completed by the movers. If the shipment loads from or delivers into a self-storage facility, specific written exceptions must be noted on the mover's documents for any claims to be considered, and must be signed by all parties.

The amount of insurance purchased must be not less than the Replacement Value of the property. If it is, the Insurance Carrier will not pay for the full value of any item lost or damaged. The Assured shall, to the extent of such deficit, bear his, her or their proportion of the loss. If a valued inventory has been submitted with the insurance document, the maximum liability shall not exceed the indicated amount. If any item is insured for less than the replacement cost, co-insurance will be applied to the insured amount in determining the insured value. In no instance shall the Insurance Carrier's total liability exceed the insured value declared on this document.


CLAIMS FOR ALL ITEMS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING TO MOVINGINSURANCE.COM, WITHIN 45 DAYS OF DELIVERY: All claim payments, minus any applicable deductible, will be made in U.S. Dollars.

PERILS: Touching the adventures and perils which the Insurance Carrier is contented to bear, and take upon itself, they are of the seas, fires, assailing thieves, jettisons, barratry of the Master and Mariners, and all other like perils, losses and misfortunes that have or shall come to the hurt, detriment or damage of the said goods and merchandise, or any part thereof, except as may be otherwise provided for herein or endorsed hereon.

DUTY OF ASSURED: It is the duty of the Assured and their Agents, in all cases, to take such measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimizing a loss and to ensure that all rights against carriers, bailees or other third parties are properly preserved and exercised. IMMEDIATELY notify, in writing, the air or ocean carrier and the delivering carrier advising them that damage has occurred to your shipment. A copy must be included with your claim form.

AVERAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Shipments subject to an "On Deck" Bill of Lading (which must be so declared by the Assured) are insured Free of Particular Average unless caused by the vessel being stranded, sunk, burnt, on fire or in a collision but not including jettison and/or washing overboard irrespective of percentage. Containerized shipments on deck are insured per under deck "All Risk" clauses.

SUBROGATION CLAUSE: After the payment of a claim under this insurance document, the Insurance Carrier shall be subrogated to the extent of their payment to all the Assured's rights of recovery against any person or organization. The insured cannot claim any items with the mover that are covered by the insurance. The insurance company will subrogate the legal liability to mover directly on items covered by the insurance.

SALVAGE: If the Insurance Carrier replaces, makes a total loss payment, or pays the insured amount as shown on the valued inventory for a damaged article, they, at their option, have the right to salvage the damaged article. The Insurance Carrier also reserves the right to inspect and to verify the claimed damages on any item.

THE INSURANCE CARRIER reserves the right to inspect and verify all reported damages and to require substantiation of any claims amounts, value of items claimed or proof of ownership.

DEDUCTIBLE: All loss or damage arising during the certificate period shall be adjusted in accordance with the valuations and limitation provisions of this certificate and will then be considered the "adjusted claim". From the adjusted claim or the applicable limit of this certificate, whichever is less, the sum stated under the applicable deductible amount shown in Declarations shall be deducted. Insurer shall have no obligations under this form until the claim exceeds the deductible. If no other Deductible is shown in the Declarations, your deductible is $250.

EXCLUSIONS: This policy does not cover;

(a)  Damage to any owner-packed items, cartons, or containers, including plastic storage containers, are subject to the following: Items that are manufacturer packed are considered packed by owner. Maximum recovery on lost owner-packed items, cartons, or containers or damage to the CONTENTS of owner packed items into new moving cartons only is limited to $250 per item, carton, or container with a maximum per claim payment of $2,500. Claims for damage to the contents of packed by owner cartons will only be covered if the items are packed in new moving boxes. These new moving boxes must be documented at delivery for exterior damage to the carton, signed by all parties, and supported with photographs of the SEALED box showing this damage. Any damage to plastic storage containers, or contents of these container, is specifically excluded from coverage. Claims will not be honored for shortage of any owner-packed items, cartons, or containers unless that shortage has been noted at the time of delivery and reported to the Insurance Carrier within 45 days of delivery. In the event of a Total Loss of the entire shipment, loss of any owner packed items, cartons, or containers will be covered for loss up to the face value of the certificate and the shipment's declared value.

  Non-delivery of a shipping package if the delivery receipt shows that all packages were delivered to the final destination.

(c)  An entire set if any single item(s) is lost or damaged. Payment will only be made for the proportionate value of the item(s) lost or damaged. Unless specifically listed, all items of a pair/set will be considered of equal value. Pairs and sets coverage may be available for a nominal additional premium, and is only applicable if the items are available for purchase as a pair or set.

(d)  Loss or damage to jewelry, watches, gem stones, cash, currency or bank notes, deeds, travelers checks, coin or stamp collections, sports memorabilia, alcoholic beverages, foods, medications, negotiable items, furs or garments trimmed with fur, ammunition, contraband, cigarettes, laptop or tablet computers, mobile or cellular telephones.

(e)  Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, deterioration, changes in climatic conditions, mold and mildew, infestations, pre-existing damages, or inherent vice.

(f)  Any internal electrical or mechanical component of any device unless exceptions are noted at the time of delivery for external damage to such property. Loss of data and recalibration are also excluded. Electrical or mechanical malfunctioning coverage may be available for a nominal additional premium. If such coverage is purchased, it is required that any electrical or mechanical item covered by this insurance must be inspected at origin and destination by movers, with a specific note on the carrier's inventory indicating the operable condition of this item. Failure to do so will cause denial of claim in case of loss and/or damage to the items and will not constitute refund for this insurance coverage. Any item inventoried by the mover as MCU (mechanical condition unknown) will not be covered.

(g)  Damage to any furniture constructed of any type of veneered chipboard, particle board, MDF —medium density fiberboard, composite board, or similar. Any reduction in quality thereof arising as the result of dismantling or reassembling of any such items of furniture is also excluded.

(h)  Wrinkled or soiled clothing, linens, drapes, or rugs.

(i)  Appraisal fees, inspection fees, shipping charges, transportation charges, sales tax, damage caused during assembly or disassembly of items that require third party service, manufacturers warranties, items having no commercial value, items of sentimental value or property damage.

(j)  Items not listed on the movers' inventory prepared at origin. Items not shipped are not insured.

(k)  Marring, scratching, denting, chipping, or rubbing on items which have been received by the carrier as Condition Unknown.

(l)  Real Estate property damage and/or any service related issues, including but not limited to mover and customer agreements, shipment delays, etc.

(m)  Damage or loss to any items listed or specifically excluded on the moving company's Order for Service, Bill of Lading, or Waiver Forms.

(n)  Loss or damage arising out of the acts of any government, customs authority, or official confiscation. Consequential losses due to delay or any depreciation in value are not covered.

(o)  Any damages caused as a result of these being in the shipment: hazardous materials, items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive; perishables: food, plants or living things that may die or spoil in transit.

(p)  Contributory negligence on the part of the owner and/or their agents. Damages or loss attributed to an act, order, or omission on the part of the shipper.

(q)  Loss caused by nuclear reaction, radiation, or radioactive contamination, whether controlled or uncontrolled, however caused.

(r)  Physical loss or damage to the property carried out for political, terrorist, or ideological purposes when property is in storage.

(s)  Loss or damage to any items or shipment that contains non household items, or items that are considered for commercial, industrial or non-household use, including merchandise for sale or exhibition.

MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUD: This document shall be void if the Assured has concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance concerning this Insurance or the subject thereof. Any person who includes any false or misleading information on an application for an insurance certificate is subject to criminal and civil penalties. Notwithstanding any requirement, term, or condition of any contract or other document with the respect to which this document is issued, the insurance afforded by the certificate listed on this document is subject to all the terms of such certificate. In the event that you file a damage claim, you must file first with You cannot receive compensation for damages from the insurance carrier and the moving company. It is illegal to collect twice on the same item(s).

 Before recovering for any loss you will, if requested: (a) permit us to inspect the damaged property before it is disposed of or repaired; (b) send us a completed claim packet containing the information we request to settle your claim. You must do this within 60 days of our request or your file will be closed; (c) agree to examinations under an oath at our request; (d) produce others for examination under an oath at our request; (e) provide us with all pertinent records and reports needed to prove the loss; (f) cooperate with us in the investigation or settlement of the loss.

AGENCY: It is understood and agreed that any person authorized by the named assured or shipper to order this insurance is acting as the agent of the Assured and is aware of the certificate terms and conditions. In any case, a customer signed certificate and terms and conditions must be received by Moving Insurance, LLC two days prior to packing or moving date or the coverage becomes null and void.

OFFICE GOODS: In the event this certificate is being purchased for a move of OFFICE GOODS, from one location to another, the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply: All damages must be noted on the paperwork at the time of delivery, and the claim filed with, within 48 hours of delivery. Mechanical and electrical derangement coverage is NOT available, and this certificate will not cover the loss of any mechanical or electrical item, unless a direct result of physical damage caused by the approved moving affiliate and noted on the paperwork at the time of delivery. All other Terms and Conditions of the certificate apply.

AUTOMOBILES: Loss or damage to automobiles is excluded while being driven under their own motor power except while on the premises or the port and while being loaded and unloaded into and off the carrier. Marring, denting, chipping, or scratching on automobiles over five years old. Non-factory installed accessories or removable items on automobiles. Goods of a personal nature shipped inside an automobile are also excluded.

LIMITATIONS: Coverage is limited unless the following are met:

A.  All lamps and lamp shades, including floor or pole lamps not professionally packed in cartons specifically made for this item will be excluded from coverage.

B.  Damage to articles, including boxes, cartons, and containers, not professionally packed by the movers are not covered unless damage is caused directly by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, cyclone, tornado, windstorm, collapse of bridges, theft, or collision, overturn or upset of the transporting vehicle.

C.  All certificates of insurance with a total value of $30,000 or higher are subject to maximum per item coverage not to exceed 25% of the value of the certificate.

D.  In the event that a customer has more than one insurance certificate under more than one bill of lading, and these shipments are placed into the same approved storage facility, the total liability amount for storage coverage allowed per the Insurance Carrier and its' agents is a maximum of $500,000 per individual or family, per approved storage facility, no matter how many certificates are in force.

The following items are subject to specific packing requirements and if all requirements are not met, loss or damage to these items will not be covered: Motorcycles — Must be crated in a solid wood crate or professionally packed into a box specifically manufactured for this item All TV's — TV must be part of a shipment and not the only item insured. TV's must be professionally packed or crated in a wooden crate, original carton with the original Styrofoam, or in a special manufactured flat screen TV box. TV must be unpacked by the movers at destination and checked for damages. In the event of a claim, you will be required to provide the year, make, model and proof of ownership. Firearms — Only legally registered firearms are covered. Assured must provide serial numbers on our inventory. Must be carrier packed. Pianos: All pianos must be professionally serviced, and all corners foam protected, pad wrapped and cardboard crated, and placed on a piano board. Any piano with a high gloss surface must be foam wrapped, then pad wrapped, cardboard crated and placed on piano board; Any piano being moved internationally, or with a value of $25,000 or more, must be professionally crated and uncrated by a certified third party service in a solid wood crate, and any exceptions noted on the paperwork. Any damage due to assembly or disassembly is specifically excluded from coverage. MED coverage is not available.

CONDITIONS: Coverage will only apply if the following are met:

(aa)  Premium for the insurance must be received by Moving Insurance, LLC.

(ab)  The inventory as prepared by the Assured and/or the moving company must be noted and signed by all parties at loading and unloading for current conditions of the insured items. Refusal to sign the mover's documents forfeits your right to file a claim for loss or damage. Loss or damage to any items will not be covered unless loss or damage is noted on the Movers Bill of Lading, Inventory or Delivery Receipt signed by all parties. This condition does not apply to:

1. Concealed damage to items packed into boxes, cartons, or containers by the movers;

2. Damage to furniture items that is discovered after the bill of lading, inventory or delivery receipt has been signed as long as such damage is reported in writing to Moving Insurance, LLC via email or fax within 48 hours of delivery.

(ac)  Delicate and fragile items or out of the ordinary items, including but not limited to: lamps, glass tables/tops, marble tables/tops, slates, taxidermy, paintings, framed pictures, statues, chandeliers, display cases, grandfather clocks, pool tables, wall units, chandeliers, hot tubs, which may or may not require the disassembling and/or reassembling of these items, must be handled only by a certified third party service or professionally packed and/or crated by the mover in wooden or other protective containers specifically manufactured for the item. Items valued at $5000 or higher MUST be professionally crated in a solid wood crate. Items valued at $10,000 or more must be serviced/crated by a certified third party company. Wrapping such items in moving pads does not constitute professional packing and are not covered under this certificate.

(ad)  Articles not professionally wrapped with special moving pads, bubble wrap, and/or shrink-wrap are not covered. Mattresses and boxsprings are specifically excluded from coverage unless packed by the mover in mattress cartons specifically designed for this purpose. Shrink-wrap alone does not constitute proper protection.

(ae)  Loss and/or damage on door to port shipments are not covered unless exceptions are noted on the paperwork when the shipment is received at the port of discharge and signed by all parties.

(af)  If shipment is loaded out of storage, self or moving company's facility, where no prior coverage was provided by the Insurance Carrier, a complete and descriptive inventory must be prepared, identifying each item and its condition. Any packed and crated item(s) and/or boxes will be considered "Packed by Owner" and treated based on exclusion (a). Lack of such inventory will result in having this certificate provide "Total Loss Only" coverage.

(ag)  Insurance must be purchased prior to packing or loading as conducted by the movers. No items or goods can be added to or deleted from the certificate after items have been loaded on the truck(s).

(ah)  This certificate cannot be cancelled or modified once the moving process (packing and/or loading) has begun. Modification includes but is not limited to: Name of Assured, Type of Coverage, Declared Value, Deductible Level, Certificate Cost, Add-On Certificates. Notes added to Certificate Summary by the assured cannot alter or change coverage in any way.

(ai)  All insured goods must be in the care, custody and control of and handled by a Moving Insurance, LLC approved licensed, insured and professional Moving and Storage Company or a Moving Insurance, LLC approved professional labor service at all stages of the move in order for those goods to be insured. In case of shipment being loaded and/or unloaded into a truck or a container by any person other than a Moving Insurance-authorized loading and unloading affiliate, this certificate will become null and void.

(aj)  Change of movers must be notified to Moving Insurance, LLC in writing, at least 48 business hours prior to packing or moving date, whichever is first, as noted on the certificate. The new assigned carrier must be a qualified carrier with our network, or the certificate will become null and void. A refund will be provided, subject to the Cancellation Clause below.

(ak)  In case of any other coverage to the shipment, including but not limited to homeowners insurance, rental insurance, moving company's insurance, manufacturer's warranty and added services warranty this certificate will act as a secondary certificate and will pick up only after the first certificate was exhausted while using the original coverage as a deductible, to the extent of the original certificate's coverage.

Failure to follow these terms and conditions will render this certificate a "Null and Void" certificate or result in automatic cancellation, as decided by Moving Insurance, LLC.

Moving Insurance, LLC reserves the right to cancel any certificate without notice; in this event, a full refund will be made.

In case this certificate is purchased by the insured's agent or representative, these terms and conditions must be reviewed, signed by the insured, and faxed over to Moving Insurance, LLC, or this certificate will become null and void immediately upon discovery.

In case packing or loading (whichever occurs first) of a shipment, does not occur within ninety (90) days of the packing date indicated by the certificate holder on the certificate of insurance, and in case Moving Insurance, LLC has not been notified in writing by the certificate holder of the packing or loading date (whichever occurs first) changes within this time frame, the certificate automatically will become null and void, and all liability by Underwriters effectively ends with no further obligation.

Any statements or Agreements made by the mover in contradiction to any of the Terms and Conditions contained in this document will not be recognized or endorsed during the Claim settlement process. The Terms and Conditions in this document preclude any verbal or written agreements between the mover and insured where such agreements violate or conflict with the Terms and Conditions contained in this document.

No suit, action, or proceeding for the recovery of any claim under this certificate shall be sustainable in any court of law or equity unless the same be commenced within twelve (12) months next after delivery, provided, however, that by the laws of the state within which this certificate is issued such limitation is invalid, then any such claim shall be void unless such actions, suit or proceedings be commenced within the shortest limit of time permitted by the laws of such state. Any and all legal suits, actions or proceedings must be filed in the state of New Jersey, United States.

Cancellation Clause:

A. Cancellation of certificate for any reason must be done under the following conditions:

1. 48 business hours prior to the effective date of insurance, as indicated on the original certificate.

2. In writing by fax, letter or e-mail with our receipt acknowledgement.

B. $50.00 fee will be assessed to a cancelled certificate.

C. I acknowledge that the total cost of this policy includes insurers' premium and a Policy Fee to Moving Insurance, LLC's administrative cost and expenses.

D. In the event the certificate is cancelled, I understand that only the premium is subject to refund, less a $50 cancellation fee.