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TSI has a wide range of logistical services to help schools, students, and staff.

TSI partners with colleges and universities to provide logistical solutions that make life easier for students and staff. We offer a comprehensive set of move-related services and have a nationwide footprint. Make us your on-call provider for campus logistics.

Your Challenge

Most schools have had negative experiences working with local move providers because they focus solely on the move and not the experience of the school administration, staff, and students.

Our Solution

TSI utilizes technology, up-front planning, a wide range of service options, and on-site project managers to oversee project execution and communicate clearly with school administration.

Why It Works

Not only do we get the job done, we do it well and deliver a positive experience for all stakeholders. Applying custom solutions to achieve the satisfaction of students, staff, and leaders is our top goal.

2020 Highlights

When COVID-19 hit the US and lockdowns started, many schools were on spring break – meaning schools were shutting down while students were not around to retrieve their belongings. TSI partnered with schools like Duke, Lafayette, St. John’s University, Clemson, and more to ensure that student rooms were packed up and their items stored safely or shipped home. We cleaned out more than 3,000 rooms between May and August and throughout the fall completed numerous moves back from storage.

2021 Developments

More recently, we’ve been working with schools to assist with relocations, often of staff. For LaSalle University, we concluded a 2-day move of multiple staff members across campus for COVID-related reasons. We addressed a range of situations within the project – some staff were present to pack and others required us to pack for them; some had very little to move and others had more complex needs. TSI handled all scheduling, packing, and unpacking (as needed), transport, and project management. We also help in renovation situations, as schools take advantage of emptier campuses for updates and fixes. We help with moving items to and from temporary “homes” so those renovations can be safely and efficiently completed.

Services for Colleges & Universities

We offer a comprehensive set of services that can be packaged together as needed to address operational projects and staff and student needs. 

  • Local and long distance moving
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Shipping
  • On-site surveys (video or phone) to ID belongings for those not present
  • Local storage and related transport
  • Project management
  • Communication tools – dedicated phone, email, and landing pages if required

Who is TSI?
TSI has been a nationwide leader in small moves and specialty shipments for more than 30 years. We have a wide range of services that include local and long distance moving; packing, unpacking, and crating; professional organization and project management; special item shipping; and more. We've serviced tens of thousands of individuals and small businesses, as well as large entities like The UPS Stores, Duke University, St. John's University, Clemson, CRI, and Shyft. Our Moves for Seniors division manages move services for more than 600 senior living communities nationally and partners with top providers such as Holiday Retirement.

Does your institution need logistical solutions?

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