Bringing calm & order to your move.

A guided, organized approach takes moving to the next level.

As you probably know, there are many options out there for movers. But with More than Moves, you get -- more! Our solutions combine traditional move services with on-site, hands-on services from a professional organizer who will run the show so you don't have to. This means way less stress for you... and a jump start in the organization and set-up of your new home.

What is More than Moves?

When people plan major life events, they want to be guided by an experienced professional to ensure those events go smoothly. Think of us as the household move version of a wedding planner, a travel agent, a concierge, a tour guide.

In survey after survey, people rank moving as one of life's top stressors. It's often a huge financial decision and impacts all members of the family. All the more reason to be led through the process by experts. More than Moves' solutions have been designed by a group of experienced movers and organizers to combine best practices and top tips into a process that maximizes the effiency of your move and accelerates settling into your new home. 

More Than Move's standard package includes the elements we've found to be most critical to a successful and organized move.
Following are the services included in this package, broken out by Organizational and Move services. 

Organization-Focused Services

Pre-Move (Planning)

Prior to your move, you will have an in-home, professional consult to assess all the things you will need to consider. You will receive a detailed plan and recommendations as well as action-oriented tools to keep things on track. You have the option of adding additional services if needed.

Move Day (Oversight)

Your professional organizer will act as your move manager on the big day (as well as confirming important details in advance). They will oversee the process and manage the movers to ensure everything goes smoothly from packing and pickup through delivery and unloading.

Post-Move (Set-Up)

Once you and your belongings have safely landed in your new home, the sky is the limit in terms of what organizational services you might need and want. A number of those will be identified during your pre-move consult. Your package from More than Moves includes 4 hours of service to be used at your discretion.

Move-Related Services


We'll prepare and wrap furniture for transport and professionally box other items.


Everything will be loaded safely onto the truck and transported to the destination.


Items will be unloaded and placed in the appropriate rooms. Furniture will be unwrapped and reassembled.

Outside of standard services, we offer a range of options for customers who need and want additional support. You can add any or all of these after your initial consult to make the process easier.

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