Affordable auction shipping services

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We provide efficient shipping for your auction needs

Need help shipping your auction items? Whether you are a buyer or seller, TSI has you covered. We understand the value placed on these items, and as such, provide a variety of service options and attentive care, as we have been doing for 30 years. 

In need of a service to ship your sold auction items? TSI has a network of professional movers to help. With professional packing and delivery, TSI can ensure that the items are delivered in the same manner that they were purchased by the buyer. We know that buyers are more prone to purchase an item when shipping is already included, particularly for large or fragile items. So let's work together to get those bids up and deals closed.

Ship auction items with quality care

We are capable of transporting items big and small. Whether it be a collection of large objects or small, fragile collectibles, TSI can ensure a quality delivery. Our White Glove service is perfect for valuable auction items. Our team can come to your location and professionally package the items, then transport them to their destination, with inside delivery. high value insurance options are available. 

For less fragile items that can be boxed, we offer an economy shipping service. With curb-to-curb delivery, that can be an affordable way to get items to their home. 

TSI's serices include:

TSI provides customers with a budget and a timetable. With auction items often being a time sensitive purchase, you can trust us to deliver your items as scheduled and in a professional manner. Whether you are buying or selling for personal or professional reasons, we have solutions that cover a wide range of specialty items. We provide a wide array of commercial shipping options such as:

  • Antiques- We offer shipping service for all fragile and valuable antique items  
  • High-value art and sculpture- We offer shipping for high-end art and understand the necessity for maximum care
  • Medical equipment- When it comes to medical equipment, we know a timely and safe delivery is of the highest importance
  • Furniture- We provide moving and shipping for furniture of all sizes
  • Household goods- Whether it be bedroom accesories or decorations, TSI has you covered
  • Collectors items- We understand the care expected for these items, and TSI is here to deliver

Why choose us?

Unmatched customer service
At TSI, we make it our goal to ensure that the shipping and delivery process goes as smooth as possible for our customers. We pride ourselves on making sure to provide top-notch service at affordable prices.

Vast network
We have the means to transport your auction items   anywhere in the country. On top of that, our logistics professionals will ensure that your items reach their destination on time.

Shipping professionals
With TSI, you can be assured that your items will be  delivered without issue. Our professional drivers have extensive training and background vetting to ensure only the best are handling your auction items.

Unrivaled pricing
Our estimates are based on the amount of space an item takes up in the truck or the weight of the item. That allows us to be more affordable than many of the big companies while also offering superior service.

We want to partner with you!

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