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New revenue stream with TSI on your team

Looking for more jobs? TSI is a third party logistics company providing customers with unique moving and shipping solutions nationwide. Join our network and watch the jobs flow in. Send us your dot number, number of trucks, and your coverage area and we’ll get back to you right away: [email protected]

What we do for you

Book more jobs without increasing your marketing budget. TSI does the work of attracting, qualifying, pursuing, and ultimately booking leads. Part of our process is setting proper customer expectations, which leads to seamless pickup and delivery. We work within your existing schedule and add jobs already on your route to fill the empty space on your trucks. There is no cost to join our network and the benefits can be measured in more jobs and more revenue.

About TSI

We are a leader in the long distance small moving and shipping industry. In business since 1989, we’ve perfected the logistics of national and international moving, handling every part with precision. We partner with top carriers like you to funnel more jobs to them while improving our service offering for customers.

About Our Carriers

We only work with the best. All carriers must be licensed and insured, with excellent track records for customer service and low damage rates. When applying, please provide your dot number, number of trucks, and the area you cover. A TSI representative will review your company and get back to you ASAP! 

Interested? Here’s the type of service providers we’re looking for:

Van line blanket wrap
Does your team expertly move furniture, art, and other items with care? We want to partner with you to provide expert service to people across the nation.

Do you specialize in shipping one product type, like mattresses, pianos, or engines? Partner with TSI to increase your booked jobs without additional marketing.

Already shipping to nations around the world? Move and ship more by partnering with us.

Emergency and expedited
Calm under pressure? Join TSI’s network to provide super fast, super secure shipping services for clients with last minute and urgent needs.

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Send us your dot number, number of trucks, and your coverage area and we’ll get back to you right away: [email protected]