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Clocks are extremely delicate, and often have immense sentimental—and sometimes financial—value. Our logistics experts will create a customized shipping plan for moving your clock, taking into considerations, the value of the clock, the time frames for pickup and delivery, and the distance it’s traveling.

We regularly ship and move antique and high-value clocks like grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, restoration clocks, and custom clocks.

Grandfather clock shipping services

Grandfather clocks and other timepieces should always be moved by professional clock movers to ensure safe and secure transport from pickup to delivery. TSI offers two levels of service for shipping a grandfather clock:

  • Blanket wrap service: Special moving blankets are used to cushion your clock during transport and keep it scratch-free. This service is best for sturdier clocks with minimal glass and a less ornamental design.
  • Crating: Crating is safer and more secure, and is ideal for especially valuable and fragile clocks. Crating also meets the requirements for insuring antique and other high-value clocks.

Before your moving team arrives, the weights and pendulum must be removed from your clock and boxed separately. That can be done by a clocksmith, or often by the crating professional. Please ask us when you get your quote if you need help with that. Both services include in-home pickup and delivery. After delivery, we recommend having your clock set up by a professional clocksmith.

Learn how to pack your grandfather clock.

Byron's story

Challenge Accepted
Byron L. wanted to ship his treasured grandfather clock to his grandson across the country. The clock was ornate and fragile, so he was certain it needed extra care. He wasn't in a rush to ship it but he was very nervous that his clock would sustain damage during transport. 

Problem Solved 
Byron called TSI and our logistics specialist Carol walked him through the process. Byron removed the pendulum and weights as recommended and the clock was crated onsite and moved by professionals. Carol and the operations team updated Byron on the status of his shipment regularly. The clock was safely delivered inside his grandson's apartment, where it's been telling time ever since. 



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