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Couches are one of the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of furniture in our homes, and that makes them difficult to move. Our expert problem solvers specialize in creating customized shipping plans that work for you. Whether you’re shipping a single couch cross country or need help moving your whole household, TSI has full-service solutions for all your long distance relocation needs. We can help you move most heavy, bulky, or large items, including couches, as well as large boxes, antiques, pianos, and other furniture.

Custom couch shipping solutions

Couches and other furniture are shipped using our White Glove service. This includes:

  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Professional packing and preparation

When to ship a couch cross country

As part of a household move
Unless you are transporting your couch as part of a larger or full household move, it is often less expensive to replace old or low-budget couches in your new home than it is to ship them cross country. If you’re planning a full household move, our shipping experts will create a customized moving plan based on your needs, whether you’re moving a 1 bedroom apartment or a 4 bedroom family home.

Designer or high-value pieces
You don’t have to leave designer or high-value pieces behind when you move cross country. Our couch shipping professionals will ensure that your couch is properly packed and carefully handled throughout the shipping process.

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