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Reliable shipping for fragile and valuable items

Need assistance moving and shipping fragile items long distance? Whether you need antique shipping, estate distribution assistance, grandfather clock moving, piano shipping, or help transporting other fragile items, our logistics specialists will create a customized plan that’s right for you.

If you have a fragile item you need transported, call us M-F 9am-6pm ET, live chat with us, or submit an online form and our logistics specialists will get your quote started. Please have your pickup and drop off zip codes and item dimensions ready and we’ll put together a personalized plan. A TSI logistics specialist will be your personal point of contact through booking, then an operations specialist will take over to schedule your pickup, monitor progress, and answer any questions throughout the process.

We offer two fragile shipping services options

Our blanket wrap moving service uses special moving blankets to cover your item and keep it safe from scratches. This option is ideal for less ornate items without glass or other easily-breakable pieces.

For high-end pieces and particularly delicate items, we recommend crating. Crating is the safest, most secure packing method, and it also meets antique shipping insurance guidelines for high-value items. If you need help crating your fragile items, we can have a specialist build a custom crate at your residence.

For especially fragile, valuable, and sentimental items, we strongly recommend that you purchase additional insurance to cover the full value of your items against the possibility of loss or damage.

Shipping fragile items safely



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Fragile shipping for your treasured items

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