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Tips for moving to Washington DC

People move around a lot in the greater Washington, DC area. Professionals pursue the best job opportunities, offices relocate, and residents whose lifestyles have changed seek different housing options within the area. What does this mean for TSI? It means that we stay very busy transporting the belongings of all these people! Make your move to DC stress-free:

  1. Use our packing tips to ensure your goods are prepared for transport.
  2. Sell or donate items don’t need. Downsizing before you move can eliminate unnecessary stress.  
  3. Washington DC is known for really bad traffic. Avoid moving during rush hour at all costs
  4. There is no J street (the rest of the city does have alphabet street names). Remember that while navigating the city. 
  5. Avoid moving in January and February. That’s when it snows the most in DC. 

Get to know DC better

Get to know the District of Columbia:
•  Washington DC is the fittest city in the union.
•   Taxation without representation is a DC slogan. The district doesn’t have voting rights in Congress.
•  DC drinks more wine than any other state.
•  It rains more in DC than in Seattle.

Most popular places to visit in Washington DC

Make sure you visit these popular attractions in Washington DC.
•  The White House
•  Arlington National Cemetery
•  National Zoological Park
•  The Smithsonian
•  The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

How long does it take to move to DC?

Are you wondering how fast you can get your items where they need to go? Many factors go into determining how long it will take from pickup to delivery, including how many stops the truck makes to pick up and deliver other goods, the method of transport, the weather and condition of the roads, and more. In general:

Boxed and crated items require 3-7 business days from pickup to delivery
Unpacked furniture and large household items may require 1-2 weeks for pickup, plus an additional 1–2 weeks for delivery
International shipments require 4–8 weeks
Air freight delivery can occur overnight or more economically in 2–4 days

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