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The shipping industry has a complicated set of rules, policies, and procedures for shipping state-to-state and to or from Canada. Along with government regulations, classification and labeling policies are just a few of the challenges you can run into. With over 30 years of experience and a nationwide network of interstate shipping experts, TSI’s shipping specialists will make sure your shipment follows proper protocol so everything runs smoothly from pickup to delivery.

Cross country shipping that works for you

With our White Glove service, you can relax while our professional interstate movers pack and prepare your goods for transport. When your items arrive at their destination, our team will provide in-home delivery—you simply tell them where you want them to go. 

With our Economy option, you’ll pack your items yourself and save money. You’ll help our driver load your shipment-ready items on the truck and we'll get them on their way. When your items arrive, we’ll unload them at the curb. Ask about our Economy Plus and Economy Select packages if you're on a tight schedule. 

If you are shipping multiple items, you may want to consider our box shipping program. Our flat rate is based on the number of boxes and service level. We'll send you the empty boxes to fill up, then come get them and deliver them to their destination.

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The complexity of interstate shipping makes it easy for other companies to lure you in with low teaser rates only to surprise you with hidden charges like mileage and loading fees after the fact. Those fees can quickly add up and end up costing you a fortune.

TSI has both the experience and extensive freight network to offer you volume discounts that you can count on, and since the price you pay is based on weight and distance, there should be no unexpected charges. As long as your weight estimates are accurate, your price will match the quote we give.

Interstate Shipping FAQs

How do I ship my item(s) to a different state?

There are many ways to ship items to a different state. The best method will depend on what you’re shipping and how much you have to ship. For smaller parcels, post and parcel shipping services are often the most cost effective. For large or heavy items such as large boxes or furniture, freight shipping is often your best choice. 

With our vast network of shipping partners, TSI’s interstate shipping specialists have the experience needed to get your items to their final destination as easily as possible, even if they’re across the country.

What is the easiest way to ship my items to Canada?

The easiest way to ship large or heavy items to Canada is to work with a professional freight shipping company like TSI. For smaller items and parcels, USPS and parcel shipping will be the fastest and most cost-effective shipping method.

How do I pack my items for interstate shipping?

The correct packing method depends on the item you’re shipping. For detailed packing instructions for some of the most commonly shipped items, read our “How Do I Ship That?” guides.

If you’re shipping boxed items using our economy service, you’ll pack your items yourself and help with curbside pickup and delivery. Our white glove shipping option is best for those who are unable to pack their items or who are shipping furniture, artwork, or antiques. Our shipping specialists will come into your home to pack your items so you can rest assured they’ll be safe throughout their journey.

What’s the cheapest way to ship to a different state?

The cheapest way to ship items to a different state depends on the item(s) you’re shipping and how far they have to travel. Unless you are shipping your items using USPS Flat Rate services, the cost of your shipment will depend on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the speed and distance of travel. 

If you’re shipping large or heavy boxes or household items like furniture, the cheapest shipping method is often consolidated freight. TSI’s nationwide network of movers enables our logistics specialists to negotiate prices and volume discounts so you can get the best possible quote for your interstate or cross country shipment. 

Are there any hidden fees with shipping out of state?

Some shipping companies will offer you a low rate then surprise you with hidden fees like mileage or loading costs. There are no hidden fees when shipping with TSI—as long as you provide accurate size and weight dimensions, your quote will match the price you pay.

What is the best way to ship fragile items to a different state?

The best way to ship fragile items to another state depends on the size, weight, and value of the item being shipped. Single small items are best shipped using post or parcel shipping services, but for large or heavy shipments like boxed goods, artwork, antiques, or estate distributions, freight shipping is your best option. 

TSI’s white glove shipping service removes the stress  of packing and transporting your fragile and valuable items across states. This service comes with free in-home delivery, along with the preparation of your goods for transport. 

For more details on how to best transport any of your sentimental or valuable items, check out our antiques page and our detailed “How Do I Ship That?” guides.

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