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Trust TSI for shipping large instruments

Musical instruments are exceptionally fragile, and that makes them particularly difficult to move long distance. TSI has been transporting large instruments for over 30 years. Whether you're moving an individual instrument or an entire orchestra, our professional movers are experts at transporting fragile items and can ensure a safe and secure delivery.

What instruments do we ship?

We specialize in large instrument relocations. The most common instruments we move and ship long distance include:

  • Pianos
  • Harps
  • Organs
  • Cellos
  • Drum sets

Smaller instruments can be shipped as part of larger moves at competitive rates. For smaller instruments on their own, we recommend a parcel carrier like UPS.

Custom instrument shipping solutions

Our logistics specialists will create a personalized plan for transporting your large instrument. All instruments are moved using a two person moving team, including professional item preparation and indoor pickup and delivery. Your instrument may also need to be crated for additional safety, or it may need to travel in a climate controlled environment. We will recommend the right service for you. 

Our damage rate is low and our movers are thoroughly vetted, but we always recommend purchasing additional insurance to safeguard your large instrument against damage, in the rare case there is a problem.

Ship instruments long distance with ease

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